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Probable WWII Japanese submarine found off Papua New Guinea


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How deep is it, can you diver there?

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Actually, the Australian media are reporting this as a submarine from WW1.

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as a former submariner it will be interesting to learn more about this

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Hopefully it can be salvaged and taken to the Aus. War Memorial in Canberra. There are a couple of Japanese midget subs in there already and another one would be cool.

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They found one in Sydney a few years ago also

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To respond to a couple previous posts since that's my part of the planet--- yes, you cn dive there. This is the island of New Britain, which, together with neighbouring New Ireland, has some of the best dive sites in the Pacific for WWII wrecks. No, the sub will not, and should not, be removed to Canberra. Papua New Guinea has a law that states that all WWII artefacts are the property of the PNG government and cannot ordinarily be removed. Fair enough, too. No one asked the Papua New Guineans if the Japanese, Americans, and Australians could use their islands for war games. A WWI sub? Unlikely. There was virtually no fighting when the Australians invaded and took over the territory from the Germans at the beginning of WWI, so it is unlikely that the Germans would have lost any ships. WWII, on the othe hand, saw massive bombing by the Americans and a huge buildup of war toys by the Japanese. Lots of damaged ships and equipment everywhere.

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pics or it didn't happen. kthxbye

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