AWOL penguin #337 captured alive and well


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I am very sorry #337 that you were not Born Free!

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Well, at least you had a good run there little #337. Next time, try losing the tuxedo.

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Next time, try losing the tuxedo.

Nope, stay classy with the tuxedo on ;)... I'm afraid there won't be any next time - they are already planning to raise the walls of their prison...

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I'm afraid there won't be any next time.

Never underestimate a penguin who has tasted freedom. And considering the Tokyo bay water I fully expect him to grow into a giant Pengzuilla within the next 48hours. :D

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And then they had the shame to bring up the poor penguin inside such an ugly cage that looked like a nightmare in front of people taking pictures hysterically.

I can only imagine the suffering that this little creature will be subjected to at the expensive of a bunch of fools paying for some tasteless attraction in order to feed their animal torture fetish.

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Let him go, he earned his freedom...

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So will it get solitary confinement?

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What crime did the penguin allegedly commit to become incarcerated in the first place? Hopefully, he will escape again, but find a better refuge.

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Hahaha! Now that this little guy is safe, I can sleep better!

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Back to prison, pengi! Hope you enjoyed your freedom.

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As much as it would be good to see thee penguin remain free, the fact is, he is much better off in the Kasai Aquarium than in Tokyo Bay.

It would be interesting to see estimates of costs for the tracking and capturing of this penguin. Could it be 'The 6 Million Dollar Penguin'?

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I guess they didnt need batman & the bo wonder to pull this off afterall!

A bit sad tho, life was more interesting with peguin on the loose!

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When is the movie to be made?

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At least he's safe. Hope you enjoyed your adventure little fella!

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lol AWOL are for humans. penguins are not there because of their free will! get ur english right

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I thought for sure he was a dead duck. I am happy as a clam to know I was wrong about that.

However, I wish they would have assumed he went the way of the dinosaur like I did. Then he would still be free as a bird. Its hard to believe they dogged him this long.

Stuffing him back in his fishbowl is false imprisonment. And can't believe people actually ratted on him. But the lion's share of blame for his predicament still belongs to his jailors. They won't monkey around making sure he does not get away again.

And its no consolation that he will now be the cat's meow at the zoo.

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oh I'm glad its safe. From all the pics, seems like it had a good vacation.

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Next time he should use a helicopter.

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How on earth can a penguin go AWOL. This suggests that the penguin may ask for leave. Maybe he should have just done that asked his prison guards for all public holidays off and 10 days leave a year as well. Win win all round.

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He needs to learn to fly....

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Wait until he tells his pals about all the fresh fish out there in Tokyo Bay. They'll all be planning a "Great Escape" and get out of their prison somehow ... and head into the Bay of Goodies ...

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He earned his freedom. Please re-release him (and all captive animal prisoners). He is a fellow earthling just like us, not a piece of entertainment for shallow minded people.

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Aww... poor wee penguin ; _ ;

So back to Stalag Luft Sea Life Park... where he can plan and then execute his next daring bid for freedom.

Sad to see him back in captivity... he deserves to be free.

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Next time little penguin, get the right papers (forged) and use a motorbike.

Hang on, that didn't work for Steve McQueen either.....

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Sunbathing, running for the water? Sounds as if he/she did not want to be caught.

Poor little fellah. Maybe 'owned' by someone at the aquarium...

Can't we give him/her a name here? McQueen... Easy Rider?

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I'd go with McQueen, the Great Escape Penguin

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I'm surprised he didn't walk into a Koban and give himself up.

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"Hilts" is the right name for him.

Although Steve McQueen did his own motorcycle riding, there was one stunt he did not perform: the hair-raising 60-foot jump over a fence. This was done by McQueen's friend Bud Ekins. During the climatic motorcycle chase Steve McQueen rode (in disguise) as one of the pursuing German soldiers, so that in the final sequence, through the magic of editing, he's actually chasing himself.

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Harry_GattoMay. I'm surprised he didn't walk into a Koban and give himself up.

Do you thinkthe police would have believed him?

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Harry_GattoMay. I'm surprised he didn't walk into a Koban and give himself up.

Do you thinkthe police would have believed him?

They have ways of making him confess.

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Well the last guy who tried to give himself up was sent on his way...

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Poor penguin..back into 'prison'

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I wonder what he ate?

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lol AWOL are for humans. penguins are not there because of their free will! get ur english right

(rolls eyes) is, Get, your, English

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looks like it was fun while it lasted. born freeee.....

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Aw, back in the cooler - wonder if he has a mitt and baseball? The only infection they're worried about him passing to his cell mates is Breakout Fever. Guards better watch out for signs of tunneling. Waiting for the movie...

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