Baby panda dies after just three days


A giant panda cub whose rare birth by artificial insemination led to rejoicing in Japan died on Friday after just three days, zoo officials said. The cub was the first panda to be born through artificial insemination in Japan in two decades, raising hopes of future success in breeding the crowd-pleasing but notoriously infertile animals.

But Oji Zoo in Kobe said the cub was confirmed dead Friday afternoon. "Zoo officials and veterinarians were monitoring it 24 hours a day, but it ended with a sad result," the zoo said on its website.

The cub was just 25 centimeters long and weighed 100 grams. Its sex had not yet been determined, and zoo officials said the cause of death was under investigation.

Captive giant pandas are known for their low sex drive, which is exacerbating falling numbers as their natural habitat in southwestern China is encroached on by development.

Artificial insemination has also proved difficult as the female panda is only fertile once a year.

The baby's mother, Dan Dan, became pregnant with the sperm of Xing Xing. Both pandas are 12 years old and live at the Kobe zoo.

Dan Dan also had a stillborn baby, conceived through natural means, last year.

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bummer, gonna have to go back to China's rent-a-panda

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Sad to hear that.

While I like the giant panda I tend to prefer the red/lesser panda.

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Yes - The Lesser panda is a far more superior panda. It has a stronger sex drive too. Yay for panda sex!

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whats up with pandas? they dont wana get it on and when they do their kids die. This species is self exterminating.

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With the amount of money spent to keep this one species alive, hundreds of other endangered species could have been saved...

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I agree with sarcasm123.

Goals for preservation are kinda focused, anything that is cute, cuddly gets protected.

Yet, other species like sharks, etc are not protected and their decline will result in major problems. Everyone gets upset about 1000 whales being killed annually but 400 million sharks(annually) go unnoticed. Which are mostly caught for their fins and thrown back alive (after being mutilated) unable to survive. Check the stats for endangered shark species, etc.

Honestly sick of the guys that say we need to safe species X while A to W are close to extinction.

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enough of pandas. survival to the fittest. I have been to Ueno 5 times and the panda is always out...sick then finally died

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oh dear, pandada

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Sad news. Yahoo users would have seen the video of Dan Dan giving birth just a few days ago.

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