Inside the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant: radiation, risk and reporting

By Aaron Sheldrick

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One person’s experience inside the plant with no real information on how the clean up is progressing. I wish I hadn’t wasted two minutes reading it.

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This time I was taken to the site's water treatment building, a cavernous hall where huge machines called Advanced Liquid Processing Systems (ALPS) are used to filter water contaminated by the reactors.

To be later unceremoniously dumped into the Pacific Ocean...

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my first visit in 2012 I had to wear full protective gear put on at an operations base located in a sports facility about 20 kilometers south of Fukushima Daiichi called J-I was then given my external dosimeter reading, which was 20 microsierverts, about two dental x-rays worth.Village, where the Olympic torch relay will start in March, then taken to the site by bus.

Great after all protective gear changes out only 20 microsierverts, but what about the many people we all saw on both media TV and photos posted of the many workers who were only wearing the typical hazmat white suits and masks? The suits this guy wore even in 2012 was surely much different than what they were wearing back then in many of the areas which had much rad levels higher than reported. Less we all forget that the GOJ upped the limits of rad exposure to ensure they were below the original levels.

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You were shown and told exactly what they wanted to show and tell you... Should have asked harder questions!

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Weak, say-nothing article.

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And people continue to say this is the safe clean green alternative to generating electricity.

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Jeremy Rigby - And people continue to say this is the safe clean green alternative to generating electricity

it actually can be safe and green if managed properly and upgrades are not avoided. However, it is when it is not properly managed and upgraded due to cost cutting it becomes a total mess like this one. The biggest problem with Japan’s management of nuclear power (besides the corruption) is, there are no contingency plans in place. They have not done anything about storing silent fuel, except sending it to other countries at huge expense, of course. They have admitted this disaster was man made due to falsifying safety records and ignoring upgrade recommendations.

If nuclear power is responsibly managed and maintained and appropriate storage facilities for silent fuel are created, it is safe and green. However, it will never be cheap!

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Edit: Spent fuel! Damn you autocorrect!

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Think Mr Burns might be in charge of this, Homer pushing buttons he has no idea what they do. Get too close to the truth and " Smithers release the Hounds" TEPCO obviously couldn't run a Nuclear Plant safely, after 9 years proven can't deal with a Nuclear Plant multiple melt down. Does anyone know what happened to that suit that drank the ground water from Fukishima to prove its safe? And why can't reporters talk to the clean up workers?

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but with Tokyo due to host the Olympics this summer - including some events less than 60 kilometers from the power station -

that's comforting....

You were shown and told exactly what they wanted to show and tell you...


Should have asked harder questions!

He would have been told to leave and that would have been the end of it. TEPCO are a bunch of liars.

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Unrecent exclusive number 4?

What a useless article. Glad it only took 1 minute to scan it.

Good luck.

By the way, I am still pro nuclear.

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what is not mentioned is the amazing heroism of the plant staff during the disaster and after. they deserve mention and honour. As for the report, i was and am grateful for it. I am once again sad to see the need some posters here always or often seem to feel the need to be critical of anything and everything. I am happy and grateful for the coverage and effort it went into it. Thank you to the author and to TEPCO

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Cris no one is discounting the heroism of those actually involved hands on. What people or I are talking about is the management you know those in the office? PM Kan was, is hugely respected out side of Japan. And those who created this mess continue to exasabate the mess are nameless, incompetent and highly paid. 9 years to think about how to dispose of the toxic water? Err into the sea. Ban on talking to the workers? Why? Couldn't run a nuclear plant safely can't clean it up safely. Time to take these dangerous toys off these immature Beauracrats. They would probably hurt themselves with a pencil sharpener and require 9 years of meetings to come up with no answer.

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I agree with @Zichi here... Fukushima is another black hole for Tax payers money, and really open to fraudulent activity. Show me the money ... when it's going, I want transparency.... but of course, ... Welcome to Japan!

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When=where :-x

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