A balloon-like object is seen in the sky over Miyagi Prefecture on Wednesday. Photo: Sendai Astronomical Observatory Instagram

Balloon-like object in sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs


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it is a high tech craft of alien origin!

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yeah that's just a weather balloon, presumably blown off course

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If it is all a big question, how did it get into Japan airspace and why weren’t military jets dispatched?

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It looks like a white Death Star!

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Looks as if someone is trying to send an object into space. There have been a lot of YouTube vids of people sending objects attached to large balloons and sending them to the edge of space.

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After everything that’s happened so far this year a fake alien invasion would come as no surprise

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Police could not be immediately reached for comment 

Their fax machine was broken again

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They'll try and tell you it's just a weather balloon.

But it's obviously swamp gas.

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No worriers people, I spotted the same thing last summer in Hawaii. I live on Maui and was at the beach and spotted the same thing! Go to www.loon.com and this will explain everything

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Looks like a balloon. Technically a UFO, but looks like some sort of balloon. I have no idea what is hanging underneath it, but there is probably a good story involved.

One of my jobs with the USAF was putting up many types of balloons. Sometimes, on foggy nights, would sneak a balloon with lights attached into town and set it off inside the city limits. I imagine some people were scratching their heads trying to figure out what it was.

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A number of years ago one of those balloons South Koreans used to release to float over to North Korea landed in my yard in Kyushu.

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane it’s..a balloon.

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"They're here!"

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5G platform. Alphabet Loon for example.

chefmark49 above seems to have the answer, (or something similar) though why the Japanese press can't figure this out is a bigger mystery. All we get is a series of denials from different organizations.


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It is quite possibly from an Amateur Radio Operator.

It is legal to set aloft such objects in Experiments concerning

”Packet Radio”. The ISS; International Space Station may be contacted DIRECT in this manner.


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Sorry guys! That was just me going to work in my balloon! Just trying to stay safe!

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A North Korean high tech spy drone!!!!

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Highly likely from SK. It entered Japanese airspace. SK ambassador should be immediately summoned to Tokyo.

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It is a UFO. Until we identify it, it is an Unidentified Flying Object.

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Lovecrafting just made my day!!!!

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