Banksy in Tokyo? City launches probe

By Behrouz Mehri

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The Japanese police are legitimizing a crime (vandalism) in a quest for cash. Yes, it is art; but that does remove it from also being vandalism, which is a crime.

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Does he replicate his prior work? It seems unlikely to me.

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As ned said above i highly doubt its real, more likely a "copy rat". plus massive are not playing in Japan at the moe ;o)

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Rob del Naj, sorry, I mean "Banksy", would not replicate the rat piece.

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Money trumps crime yet again.

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Where is the photo that should accompany the article?

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Where is the photo that should accompany the article?

I doubt this is Banksy. He would have done something much more striking for his first piece in Japan.

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First, it's probably not Banksy.

Second, imagine... just imagine if it was and the entire old geezer population in Japan had him arrested for vandalization. One of the world's most famous artists. Okay so he drew on your door, congratulations your door is now worth a fortune. It's a damn painting. Prepare to be hated by the world.

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If it's a Banksy, they will fall in love with it, publicize it and make sure the whole world knows he came here and made a marvelous work of art. If it isn't a Banksy, then it is grafitti, which is vandalism and when the hideous suspect is caught he or she will have to face the consequences. If said suspect is a random foreigner, he or she will be placed jn a cell and interrogated non-stop, without the presence of a lawyer, for as long as it takes to extract a confession of guilt.

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Certainly not a banksy.

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This morning on TV they were interviewing a commuter who said he had passed it for about six years, and he even showed them a photo of it on his smartphone taken back then.

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