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Battle for control of Asia's seas goes underwater


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I saw submarines at Yokosuka over 20 years ago, so I doubt this is something new.

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Yes but 20 years ago China was not the threat to Asia that it is now. Nor did they have the econoimic and military might of today,

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The Chinese would have an old Soviet grade submarine fleet had they not stolen US technology. As usual, no original technological developments out of China, only knock-offs. Submarines have been the key players since long before the Cold War, though.

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Spent 6 years on board one, nothing new. I miss the crew but not the boat.

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I wonder if these chinese subs have 'made in china' on them? If so then they would just be cheap knock offs that will fall apart rather quickly.

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The boats are not a secret, the missions are. Chinese boats are poorly built and sink often

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Excuse me but is there a mistake on the picture and port of stay.. the picture says YOKOHAMA, and the Story says YOKOSUKA??? I was stationed at YOKOSUKA and do not think they have a port suitable for a nuclear sub in YOKOHAMA? Or did it just make a omeagi stop in Yokohama?? LOL Tezbo

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I see someone doesn't have a sense of humor so they gave me a bad rating.. lol

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HI Haruka, you were funny.

Chinese subs are probably easily sinkable.

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The Jin Class (094)SSBN is definately not enough for minimum self-deterrance. With 7400km of range of the JL-2SLBM is no where to hit the continentgal of North America. As US deploying B-2A stealth bombers in Guam, an enhanced range JL-2 SLBM is desperately need to retaliate from Chinese waters under tight protection of Chinese Air and naval forces! I expect the military budget will be boosted this year. By the way, Iran a long time China's ally was expected to drag US into a long and costly war for China to buy time!

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Australia is no where no might no guts to challenge China's dominance at sea, she is just dreaming!

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Why did the North Korean got 'unpunished' after sinking the ROK frigate 'Cheonan' and shelling their island? You know why a sequence of silly drills held by US and her allies to show angers, there is nothing else. Sure the US navy and her allies know how many Chinese subs ready for actions in yellow sea! They scared, they scared so much after Kitty hawk was stalked by Chinese submarine in 2006!

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I don't understand why fellow readers almost always under-estimate China's threat ( all craps, fall apart easily etc etc ). Remember the lesson from previous conflicts with Japan ( they can't fly planes, they are all short sighted ), Koreans ( and we were driven to a small area around Pusan ), Vietnam ( gooks wear rubber sandles and pajamas and you don't need to be reminded what happened later ), and the list goes on..............

Thank god the DoD and the Joint Chief don't think like you do.

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killing 46 South Korean sailors in the worst clash since their war ended in 1953.

I thought the war didn't end... at least it did not end between north and south Korea.

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