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Man attacked by bear in Nikko


A man was attacked by a bear in Nikko on Friday morning. Police said the 53-year-old man was hiking at Chugushi Shrine at about 7:30 a.m. when he was attacked by a 1.2-meter-tall bear, TBS reported. He suffered injuries to his face and arms.

Nikko's hiking trails are popular in October as people flock to the area to see the autumn foliage. Police said they will step up patrols along hiking paths.

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october is not a beary good time to go for hiking guys...

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Long/tall? 1.2 meters tall, standing on all-fours or on his hind legs, I wonder?

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They really seem to go for the face.

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But no! Don't shoot them, don't cull. It's our fault. We're encroaching on their lands, which means they are within their rights to attack and kill us.

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Bears in Honshu Japan are a smaller than the Norther Territory bear which resembles the grisly bear but is still known to be a vicious animal especially in this season before they hibernate. They also are as vicious after hibernation. That's the time they are looking food and they looking to mate. People should get educated before they go into their territories. There are warning signs of a bear near by. Smell for poop, look at the tree barks and strange bushy areas. Keep away from caves or boroughs. Look out for pups IF any, keep away from them and absolutely DO NOT try to feed them. Hiking in wild areas where these types of wild animals ponder is a bit of a risk.

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Aren't the hikers warned to carry anti-bear devices like whistles and such? I fail to see what increased police patrols are going to achieve. The bear will be long gone.

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What would Ranger Smith say if Yogi bear ever pulled anything like this at Jelly Stone Park and or Nikko??

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Bad-tempered bear must be giving all the negative points here today.

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You always have to be careful in Nikko at this time of year. In Ashio (at the very edge of Nikko) the bears have been known to wander through town and the kids carry noisemakers. Meanwhile at Tokorono EM (maybe 1.5 km from Nikko EM) the kids have to run out of the classrooms banging pots and pans to scare of the monkeys.

Except for that, it's a beautiful place to live.

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God, I was in Nikko today.

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