Bed vacancy rate for virus patients in urban areas below 20%: survey


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If there is 10,000 Confirmed Cases, rest assured the actual number could very likely be 10-20x that amount.

This is being said by many doctors.

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Two months to prepare and did absolutely nothing.

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Japan's image is going down the tank big slow to act and putting the Olympics before the people.

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Japan's image is going down the tank big slow to act and putting the Olympics before the people

Exactly, I’ve saying the same thing and now, here we are. This whole thing has turned out to be one big cluster..

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Just build the needed hospitals, you can always make/buy things but medical professionals are irreplaceable so the fact so many got sick during the last three months is beyond maddening.

it’s time that Japan swallow it’s pride and asks for help from Korea and China for doctors and nurses. They have experiment and will help when asked; they know how prideful the people of Japan are so for PM to ask would make saying no difficult.

who knows diplomacy states that help could have already been offered but special short term medical licenses were not made available.

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Also this is why so many were incensed when Japan banned entry from 73 countries; it will be easier for the very 73 countries to ban Japanese entry just when the global markets are opening up. Very bad for economy.

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China built two massive hospitals in ten days!

How come Abe and crew can't get off their rear ends and actually DO something?

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At least this is a factual semi-statistical report which gives a meaningful perspective on the status of the containment and treatment effort and the impact on hospitals. It tells us that there is still 20% capacity should actual need arise. It is different from taking data for people who have contracted. It gives us a picture of how the number of patients impact the hospitals. This data will help in preparing other facilities for receiving actual patients should there be a need. Statistically because it does not give actual numbers as to the number of beds available and in use, of which how many are critical intensive care, it is difficult to put into perspective in relation to the number of confirmed contracted persons and actually bed ridden and critical. However for the general public it give a fair idea as to the availability of care.

Because it is at 20% more are likely to consider the request to be careful and follow the recommended precautionary actions such as social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

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All we got are urges to do this and that without concrete and firm laws to apply.

This PM and his cronies will be reminded only for a few things,the stubborn way to try the constitution to militarize the country and the Abenomask.

The rest is all fluff.

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I am no alarmist, but if the "vacancy rate" is only 20% now, near the beginning of the pandemic and with totally insufficient measures in place, Tokyo and the rest of Japan is in for a VERY bumpy ride ahead.

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There are hospitals which only have a limited number of beds in intensive care.

Each hospital will have to adapt quickly if numbers of patients rise....

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The makeshift hospital in Wuhan was two stories and a thousand beds - most of the beds were in wards. Japanese residential construction, such companies as Sanyo Homes are expert at pre-fab construction, which was the means used in Wuhan. They could easily duplicate such a feat. One difference is that Wuhan is approximately 12 million - Tokyo metro area is 40 million. The price and availability of property is an offsetting factor - though you do have uninhabited Olympic venues.

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Japan cannot respond quickly in disaster situations. Remember Kobe? Fukushima? And numerous others.

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China built two massive hospitals in ten days!

with the amount of faffing around it takes to get anything at all done in Japan I would be stunned if they could get a new hospital built in 10 years

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Man I HATE having to slag the govt BUT they do such a %^^%$%^& job of almost everything!

Sending out dirty old masks, NOT setting up extra beds when the NEED was clear at least 2months ago if not 3months ago!!!

What an absolute disgrace & all just so they could try to go ahead with the Olympics.....this is negligence causing who knows how many deaths!!! For shame!

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For Kanto area--Time to prepare Tokyo Dome with all medical staff and Defense Forces to support them on kits and building rooms inside there. Wuhan project?

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The US military, with its wealth of know how, should be offering assistance in setting up field hospitals and test centers. Abe can only say nyet!

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Disaster for the nation if still slow to react.

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Lest we forget, the majority (~80%+) of people who actually have the virus have either mild or NO symptoms at all, and as several recent studies have shown, there are likely 50 - 75% more in the general population that already have the antibodies. Those who actually NEED hospitalization should be the only ones hospitalized.

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I’ve been hearing Enoshima was completely rammed today. Well done Japan.

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Think about how many elders actually live by their own in a small apartment.

Does anybody check on them daily? Or even weekly?

How many lone deaths will we find once those rooms start to get investigated.

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move all a symptomatic and mild cases to hotel and give them Avigan ,

hospitals are only for the ones who need ecmos or ventilators.

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The same old story.

Soon also in Japan doctors will start to take out from ICU older people because younger ones have more chance to survive.

In Italy we had 12 ICU beds per 100.000 inhabitants. In Japan only 7 beds. And everyone of you known how things were going in Italy.

Lockdown and tests also to asymptomatics are the only way to slow down the progression, because the problem of the covid19 is not the crude mortality rate, but the amount of people that needs ICU.

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