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Bedbug consultations surge in Tokyo, Osaka as pests see resurgence


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What are the best insecticides, both to kill and to prevent?

Thank you.

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Bed Bugs Will Not Eat You If You Make Yourself Uneatable To Them!

Eat Alot Of Stinky Hot Food Like Chilly, Durian, Eucaliptis!!

Wash Your Body With Carbolic Soap Brefore You Get Into Bed!!!

And Spray Your Mattresses With Deadly Insecticide Inside Out!!!! Okay ????

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Keep your bed and it's surrounding CLEAN and I mean CLEAN, was your bed sheets, covers, weekly, put your mattress out in the sun and let it bake, vacuum and sweep under the bed or even move it and clean under and around it. get your self a can or two of the bugs spray used to kill almost all bugs about 300 yen per can and spray the corners, gaps, and cracks in the frame if you suspect you may have the bug already and leave it for a day or two.

I once had them while back home and they were huge about 7 or 8 mm long, got rid of them in about a week by CLEANING Vacuuming and spraying.

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In France, recent reports of bedbug sightings in trains, cinemas and schools have caused a national panic, with fears that the image of Paris, set to host the Olympic Games next year, could be damaged

I have been in France for 10 days. Nobody around me has been talking about the bugs, nobody cares. It has not been any panic and people do not care about the image of Paris. Regarding the Olympics, they do care about the cost, and the fact they can not get tickets as it is too expensive for the commoners.

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They can hitch a ride in your suitcase as well so be careful or your house can become infested when you return home.

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Was bitten on an airplane on a return trip.

Before you leave on vacation have some plastic bags ready to dump your travel clothes into as soon as you step into the door upon your return.


-Put your bags outside on the balcony if you have one, or in the bathtub if you don't.

-Here's the bad news: You'll have to inspect every single item you carefully pull out of your suitcase, including your suitcase itself. Use a flashlight, to inspect seams.

-Wash all of your clothes and use a dryer to dry them. The heat of the dryer will kill any bugs, or eggs.

You can tell if you've been bitten because they generally leave three bite marks in a straight line, colloquially known as "breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Diatomaceous earth is what is commonly used to sprinkle around to combat them. Pesticides don't work. DDT used to, but its use was banned due to it's horrible effects on the human body.

This is a serious world-wide problem. Try to do some research on what they look like, how they behave, and how to deal with them before you travel. Good luck!

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The rise in tourists has obviously been a factor l

Usually cold winters in Japan end insects efficiently but I air my bed clothes everyday

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Echo & the Bunnymen: Bedbugs and Ballyhoo


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ALERT, Japan to deploy sniffing dogs at busy ports to sniff them bugs, LOL

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Tatami is a haven for such pests.

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