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Majority of Japanese reject gov't tourism campaign: surveys


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You haven't seen the rapid rise of cases like other countries BECAUSE YOU DON'T TEST.

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tourism can wait when this pandemic is over, spurring tourism at a time like this is like a big slap in the face of the medical professionals and other emergency services that risk their own health just to heal those who are infected.

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I'm sure the " ABE GO TO" fiasco has got the people of Iwate, amongst others, thinking, " You can GO TO...hell!"

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Big chicken Abe hasn't been seen or given a press conference since all this started. He's letting his little crony Nishimura take the lead and eventual fall for this. All the smoke screen in the world can't hide this, it has Abe's signature all over it just like his half arsed mask plan. Abenomask and now Go To the hospital.

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Too early to start a promotion anyway. Should be done after the initial wave of people who want to travel at any cost. This promotion could result in a deep slump after summer, at a time stimulus will be needed more than ever.

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A telephone survey conducted by the Asahi newspaper found 74% of respondents were opposed to the campaign. In a similar survey by the Nikkei business daily, some 80% of respondents said it was too early to launch such a program.

Meanwhile, the promised emergency cash provision (100K yen for each) is too slow to wait for...

People may get troubled with so many detailed rules or exceptions in the GOTO, a typical pork-barrel program who benefits solely particular sectors and handling agencies (via kickbacks). All in all, it's not free. More taxes or levies will come in the future.

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Some of Abe's friends have gotten rich because of the Abenomasks.

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Majority of Japanese reject gov't tourism campaign: surveys

Good. It will be easier to make reservations.

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They hardly listen to anything the people say, so go ahead Abe. Maybe next time your party will lose the elections! (lol, as if)

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Most people in Japan are against government plans to kickstart domestic tourism with a subsidized campaign, according to newspaper surveys published on Monday, as fears grow over the number of new coronavirus cases, particularly in Tokyo.

Makes perfect sense, because Japan really got the better end of the stick, regarding this whole pandemic. And yes I know that there was insufficient testing, how do you explain the fact that there’s also a lot fewer deaths as well?

But the point is, for obvious reasons, the last thing the Japanese want is to risk a resurgence of this virus. Especially considering all the other risers an outbreak’s all around the world.

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Rises in outbreaks sorry, typo.

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Abe's mask came a couple weeks ago, well after the 1st peak. He is on the backfoot every time.

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Shin-Chan doesnt really know whats going on outside, on the streets. He is probably still in his luxury villa drinking tea, enjoying TV NHK praising him and playing with his doggy...

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Some people on JT really are big fans of Abe, I see.

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People don't want this stupid campaign and they don't want the Olympics. Everything that the LDP is doing is just forcing it down the public's throat. On top of that they fudge the numbers by not testing and purposefully keeping the numbers of cases artificially down so that their cronies can make money. disgusting.

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Something to watch is this-

Many countries with more recorded cases have recorded less deaths than Japan. Now there are many different factors that would be attributed to that, but one would think that an advanced country like Japan with a very strong health care system and capable doctors would not have more deaths than many of the countries listed below if in fact we only have 25-26,000 cases.

Singapore 48,035 cases 27 deaths

Ghana 27,667 cases 148 deaths

Azerbaijan 27,890 cases 363 deaths

Armenia 34,981 cases 650 deaths

Honduras 33,835 cases 900 deaths

Dominican Republic 53,956 cases 993 deaths

I personally think that the fact that we have more deaths than many of the above countries would lead me to believe the number of cases is MUCH higher than anyone suspects.

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