Bill submitted to recognize users of donated eggs, sperm as parents


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Families, siblings, etc., aside, if one donates eggs or sperm to an egg or sperm bank, for money, then they don't want to be found to be the parent and assume financial obligations. Also, perhaps you're familiar with the term "careful what you ask for".

"Uh yeah, I pursued knowing who the donor was and found out my dad's a drunk, bedraggled, heroin user who lives under a bridge on the Tama River, who has never worked and spent the Y1000 he got for his "donation" on cheap wine."

Gosh, who wouldn't be proud...

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Why? It just a sperm or egg. Women ovulate, men mastibate.

What is more important is the loving, caring environment that a child grows up in. It’s not a piece of land.

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People need to be CAREFUL donating, in the west some sperm donor's have ended have having to pay for children produced etc, seriously messed up, laws can change or be made & then you could receive a summons etc. Best to avoid

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As a man I think it would be hard to accept that my wife got pregnant from another guy. I would probably prefer to adopt.

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The rule is clearly archaic and it's about time it was changed.

What's the deal with adoption in Japan? Are the adoptive parents not legally recognized as being the 'parents'?

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Let me get this straight. Currently, parents of children who used donated sperm/eggs are not LEGAL PARENTS??? Wow.

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A new 21st century business.

I am old fashioned since I had sex to get my woman pregnant.

Welcome to Gatacca.

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Society also needs to change.Nowadays,J women who are close to 40 still think they are still"Onnanoko"and want to continue partying.Yet at that age one is already"Obasan",and then rush to fertility clinics the last minute.

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It stipulates that a woman who gave birth is the mother of the child when she used a donated egg, and that a husband cannot deny he is the father after he consented to his wife using sperm donated from a third person.

Very sensible and about time.

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The report also called for a legal system to allow children aged 15 or older to request disclosure of who donated eggs or sperm.

In my opinion general details of the sperm donor should be available such as race, blood type, health, family health history etc but not name unless the Donor is ok with it. Mainly because of this law: Illegitimate children who are born outside of marriage have the same inheritance rights as legitimate children.

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In my opinion general details of the sperm donor should be available such as race, blood type, health, family health history etc but not name unless the Donor is ok with it. Mainly because of this law: Illegitimate children who are born outside of marriage have the same inheritance rights as legitimate children.

Sigh. They are not "illegitimate" kids. They are born to a married husband and wife and are very much "legitimate" children of their parents. It is just that the egg or sperm come from another party who in most cases will be unrelated to them. If the donor wishes to remain anonymous I think the donor should have that right. Some will donate solely for the money and do not want to be forced to bear any sort of financial or emotional tie to the results of their donation. But keep in mind every situation is different. I know one fellow who donated sperm and has a relationship with two kids though not as their father and with no financial responsibility. He helped some friends have kids who could not otherwise and is rewarded with visits with them. He has his own son created the old fashioned way through marriage btw. He's just an "uncle" as far as they know. But other donors probably don't want that emotional tie and that desire should be respected.

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@Desert Tortoise

Sigh. They are not "illegitimate" kids

Sure I get that however the law here in Japan currently does not reflect that. And the proposals do not cover any of the issues regarding inheritance however it does recommend allowing children over the age of 15 to know who their biological parent is.

First line of succession: Children (direct descendants) including both biological children and adopted children.

And if the right to remain anonymous is removed then the child is automatically included in the category as a biological child and paternity has been acknowledged as soon as the donor has registered their donation.

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This is very good news as I am trying the IVF. If the egg dose not work for some reason, in Japan at present, due to age discrimination, we are not allowed to use a 3rd party egg. So let’s get this law passed so they can work on the other ways to get the population in Japan back on track.

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