Bird droppings cause power outage in Aichi


More than 1,500 homes in Aichi Prefecture were left without power for around six minutes from 5:20 a.m. on Sunday after a short circuit occurred at a substation. A Chubu Electric Power Co spokesperson told Fuji TV that the short circuit was caused by bird droppings.

Engineers said that the droppings caused a conducting cable to make a connection with a metal frame. Around 70,000 volts passed through the frame causing scorching and other damage. The Chubu Electric spokesman said that wire frames have been attached to vital equipment to discourage birds in the future.

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mjd... this is what comedians make up, it's not supposed to actually happen! how large were these birds...

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Quiet morning if this is the main national headline on JT.

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A pigeon caused all trains in the city to stop last week where I live. It was big enough news for me :-)

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Those birds were over cooked.

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This is a joke, right?

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In the Japanese news, people thought they had smelled KFC. Every time a bird landed on the tower, it got toasted.

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Well I hope those birds don't fly over TEPCO's Fukushima power plant. They might cause a FULL SCALE MELTDOWN next time.

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Reminds of of the theme to Rocky Goes to Aichi: "Guano Fly Now!"

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I don't think we need to be worried about terrorists as much as birds. That's pretty bad if bird droppings can cause this much of a ruckus! Bird poopy contains a lot of acid. Bad for your cars as well.

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