Bodies of 2 elderly people found in Osaka Pref apartment building


Police in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture, said Monday that the bodies of two elderly people were found in an apartment building on Sunday.

According to police, the two bodies are those of a 92-year-old man and his 82-year-old wife who lived in the apartment, Sankei Shimbun reported. They were found at around 4 p.m. on Sunday by a post office delivery worker who was making the rounds on the second floor of the building. He called police to say an elderly woman was lying in the entrance to the unlocked apartment. When police arrived, they found the skeletal remains of her husband covered by a futon in the back of a Japanese-style room.

Police said there were no noticeable trauma marks on the bodies and the inside of the apartment showed no signs of having been searched or disturbed.

The couple had lived in the apartment for the past 15 years, neighbors said.

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May be postal service and police force should work together and help find such skeletons and update population stats.

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some14some, I dont understand why got four thumbs down. This is a very dreadful situation here for such elderlies as last month in my own neighborhood they found one elderly dead for a few days in his apartment.

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It got the thumbs down because how in fact would they work together. If anyone sees a body lying on the ground I am sure they will call the police. Are postal works gonna knock down doors to see if there are dead bodies inside. WOW.

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wow skeletal remains? must have been there for quite some time. Is there some kind of welfare that can check elderly people from time to time? or closest family relative to check on them once a month maybe? I swear that I'm always tempted to give them a ride especially when I see them struggling with their grocery but someone told me not to interfere because if something happened to them I'd be liable.

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Is there some kind of welfare that can check elderly people from time to time?

i suggested one but you can see my score. wish posters give their opinion instead of single click to 'bad' button.

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