Bodies of two women found in car submerged in Toyama lake


Police in Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, said Sunday that the bodies of two women have been found in a car submerged in a lake.

According to police, they received a call at around 5:50 a.m. Saturday from a local resident, reporting that the barrier to the lake was smashed and that a car might have gone into the lake.

Police and emergency rescue personnel searched the lake and found the car about 25 meters from the barrier, Fuji TV reported. After pulling the car out of the lake, the bodies of two women were found inside the vehicle. The women, identified as Minako Kaneda, 80, and Kyoko Ishikawa, 79, were confirmed dead at the scene.

Police said the two women were friends and that Ishikawa had gone to visit Kaneda earlier in the week. However, on Friday, Kaneda’s relatives contacted police to say they hadn’t heard from her since Thursday.

Police believe the two women were on a leisure drive when the accident occurred sometime on Friday. The two women were not wearing seat belts, police added.

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No seatbelts!!! Grrrrr

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although i hate the J police, i respect them for doing the job. imagine finding the car and contents. rip old people.

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Are we sure that this was an accident and not intentional.... aka, a suicide?

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Or maybe they saw the story of the two elderly ladies a week and a half ago (04July)...

"Two women were struck and killed by a train along the Tobu Tojo Line tracks in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture, on Monday morning, in what police believe was a suicide."

...and thought they had a better way. Less embarrassing for their families.

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A leisure drive? Are you kidding, anywhere in Japan you have to keep your eyes drilled to the road like an F1 racer or you will either kill someone or yourself...

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My life expectancy is only 27 more years. At their age I believe they knew it was borrowed time. Suicide????

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