Bodies of woman and baby son found in Shiga forest


Police said Monday that the bodies of a woman and her baby son were found in a forest in Shiga Prefecture on Sunday.

Police said they received a report at 10:50 a.m. from a passerby who found the one-year-old baby sitting in a baby seat in the back of a car parked on a path in a forest near the town of Higashiomi. Police arrived at the scene to find the body of the mother lying in a dry river bed around 100 meters away, NTV reported.

Police say the woman lived with her husband and son. According to police, the woman visited her parents' house in Higashiomi on Dec 23.

A police spokesperson said that there were no visible signs of injury on the baby's body. Investigations into the causes of death are ongoing, NTV reported.

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This sounds very sad and horrible. Try to RIP.

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Absolutely tragic, no-matter the circumstances. We will never know why this happened, not that it matters much. Rest in Peace to them both. And thank-you JT for not translating/reporting this one - yet - as a "family suicide".

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Tragic and I hate to say it, but my money is on suicide! And if I am right...why take the baby?!?! Leave him with family!!

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such a sad story. while the reason will probably never been known it is time for the government and health services to step-up and start expanding mental health services and for society to remove the stigma for people so that they will at least have the option to seek help to hopefully reduce the number of these cases.

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@nsg79 I think it's in very bad taste to use this tragic case to advertise a quasi-socialist "now the government has to give us something" agenda. I am very thankful Japan is not like Germany, where everytime something like this happens, the "blame society first" crowd has a field day.

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Actually we don't know what happend. That it happened is sad enough.

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*According to police, the woman visited her parents’ house in Higashiomi on Dec 23.

And.....?? We can only assume that the reader is being invited to speculate that the visit may have been a final farewell. If it is not the writer`s intention to encourage such conjecture, it would have been better omitted.

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If the baby was in the car seat with no visible injuries and the mother was found in a dry riverbed, there is the possibility this was just some horrible, unfortunate accident, say if the mother left the car for some reason and fell. Is the husband still alive, assuming he didn't go with his wife and son to visit family?

Still, without knowing all the facts, it's still incredibly sad.

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That is horrible! I live next to Higashi-Oumi (Can see it from my window) The weather was quite cold and the roads a little slippery on the 23rd and it is possible that she got out of the car to check something and fell (or got knocked bu a car) into the river. So many people go out at night all in black and it is so hard to see them. I hope that the baby is ok.

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