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Body believed to be missing Japanese diver found in Indonesia


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Incredible... the boat operator left them there!

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I wonder what the punishment will be for the captain who left them alone. Severe, I hope.

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Oh my gosh, really guys? The way you guys are confused about why her head is missing is concerning. Her face was exposed to water for however many weeks straight. Look at what happens to hands just in HOURS in water.

Secondly, as disturbing as it is, have you never seen a fish poke at a target of opportunity? The head is one of the heaviest part of the body (for it's size), connected by likely exposed tissue, which had every second to exposed to water, fish, bacteria and more.

Meanwhile synthetic scuba suits won't just fall apart in the water in the same way a plastic bag won't be punctured very easily.

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So sad, but at least, they got her remains back. Can't even imagine what these women had to endure! I hope this scum gets a very, very long prison sentence for being so negligent. I remember a movie I saw some treads ago, "Open Water" and it scared me to death. It's even more frightening to know people actually do this kind of stuff.

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The body found at the weekend was barely recognizable—the head was missing—but Takahashi’s Balinese husband believes it is her due to the clothes inside the diving suit, police said.


Since I was not there and don't know anything about scuba gear, I believe her husban telling. RIP.\

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Well if the husband thinks it is his wife, let it be like that and RIP, but for this idiot boat driver??

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Jeeze, how gruesome. and why only the head is missing is so odd.

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I'd imagine that the hands and feet were also missing as a result of natural decomposition; the rest of the body would have remained intact due to the wetsuit.

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It is awful that the divers' instructor died, but Mrs. Takahashi's husband was able to identify her. I feel so sorry for the family.

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Sad but RIP. Diver gear, her husband could identify her. RIP again.

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What a sad sad ending to an incident that could've been completely avoided have not the Dive Captain left the Dive Team and instead, he should've stayed with the dive teams site and called for help once he knew the dive team wasn't going to make it back up and a storm was approaching.

Sorry, but I still blame the Dive Captain for this act of negligent homicide.

Thoughts and prayers to 2 divers who died and to rest of the duve team who survived this horrible experience.

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I always wondered, but this was never answered, why did villagers not do anything when they believed to see 2 divers holding onto a reef showing a distress signal?

RIP to her

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With the head missing I wonder if she was hit by a small boat propellor that might even be the cause of death, heads just dont come off, and sharks go for limbs or softer areas, very odd...

That's not entirely true. When you have a big shark or multiple sharks or even depending on the species, it is VERY possible that a shark could go for the head or eat around the neck, there are other predatory fish that also need to be taken into consideration. You should never rule anything out.

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RIP Ms TAkahashi

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If it is indeed her, it's sad, but hopefully gives the family some closure.

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With the head missing I wonder if she was hit by a small boat propellor that might even be the cause of death, heads just dont come off, and sharks go for limbs or softer areas, very odd...

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