Body of 4th S Korean climber found in Japan Alps


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Sheesh.... crappy vacation, to put it mildly. I'm surprised they have not yet been able to confirm the cause of death (at least of the three -- the fourth find is more recent). RIP.

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It would be very interesting to find out what gear they had on and were carrying. These guys sound like they were quite experienced and had possible outdoor survival skills. I hope they didn't camp in a tent with heaters going?

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I live in the mountains and such events tho sad can happen even with the most experienced and best equipped climbers depending on circumstances. In bad weather, people can get disoriented easily and lost and then past the point of reocovery if they get too cold and wet and their core temperature falls too far. I am very sorry for them and i hope they find the other missing climbers.

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For anyone hiking, I think we need to remember that there is always danger. Looking back on some of my hikes I now think how lucky we all were - it's easy to underestimate nature. This is double tragic - first because hikers died, and second because they were visiting Japan. My heartfelt condolences to their families. I am sorry for your loss.

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Too bad South Korea doesn't have any mountains taller than 2000 meters. That's the main reason they come here. Mountain climbing is a "national leisure" in South Korea.

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Even with the record heat in Japan I'm not surprised. It's a lot easier to get hypothermia than people realize. Still a sad event.

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Too bad for these guys, I feel for them. But imagine the response, from Koreans, if it was Japanese climbers who died in South Korea.

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But imagine the response, from Koreans, if it was Japanese climbers who died in South Korea.

I'd imagine the same kind of response we see here. Some expressing condolences, some nonchalant, while others might twist tragic deaths into a criticism of the country where the victims are from.

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The cause of death was "trying to make life more adventurous". At least they died doing what they loved.....freezing to death on a mountain they didn't need to be on....except for their life programs.

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Japanese are used to know how much the climate can become hot but not the people from the overseas. Better to carry a pack of insulator that can be used as a blanket, commonly used to cover sattelites from the Sun light. A kind of plastic with a lawyer of copper. Planning is very important for survival.

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