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Body of Japanese woman found below Niagara Falls


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Very sad accident.

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Yes it's very sad.

What makes it even sadder is that this accident was also very preventable as well. I've been to Niagara Falls and the authorities put railings there for a very good reason.

I know it isn't just Japanese people that do stupid stuff like this but it just seems to me that common sense isn't a very strong suit for many of them, and this girl's death just reinforces what I have been thinking about for years.

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That must have been a terrifying last few minutes of life.

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Very said, but I think it was too much to hope she'd be found alive. I feel awful for the family and for the friends who saw it happen. Anyway, at least they found the body, and that will be a bit of closure. RIP

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sigh... that's "sad", not 'said'

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:`( I wish her spirit peace and her family comfort.

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cute kid... she is on facebook.

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I am surprised that no one has mentioned the potential of suicide, we can not forget that suicide is a very, very popular way for Japanese to go, just go up to Kegon no taki, the Kegon waterfalls near Nikko, I had no idea that this was a favorite spot to jump to your death, anyway try to RIP, and the guy from Hamilton too.

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Nah... I saw the witness statements on youtube and other reports. She was happy as a clam (on her FB profile too), had an umbrella and was trying to get that shot with the V sign. It was when she was attempting to swing her other leg over but instead she started to stand on the stone and they think a bit of wind caught the umbrella too. It was the nothing bad will happen to me syndrome... RIP

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unnecessary umbrella, V sign and dare to break a simple rule.... don't do it Japan.

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Why is it that when any accident occurs with a Japanese national someone always starts rattling about suicide. It wasn't. She stupidly climbed over the fence and slipped and now her family and friends have lost a loved one. Sad as it was preventable.

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Very sad.

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Mark, thanks for the link, lovely tribute. I'm a tour guide & I have to say, I was wondering what she had on her feet- I'm always amazed by the inappropriate footwear Japanese women wear for long walks, boat trips etc. I had visions of her climbing the railing in huge platforms- but from what I can see she was pretty sensible. RIP.

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This may have been an unfortunate drowning but it wasn't exactly an accident since it was completely preventable. And how can some be sensible for doing something so stupid that they died because of it. If anything people should learn from this and follow the law. This incident shows that there is a reason for warning signs. Maybe others can learn from her mistake.

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I have absolutely no sympathy for this young lady, and absolute sadness for her family and friends. She willfully climbed atop a wet, slick railing at the top of Niagra Falls, mear feet away from torrential water rapids within spitting distance of the Falls. Ayano is not a child, she should have known better, and her reasoning is something we shall never know...same with the 3 Americans who waded into the river above Vernal Falls and were swept over. So bash my insensitivity if you wish, but this in unexcusable and 100% preventable. I`ll reserve my sadness for an unforseeable act.

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Well, it is a sad accident for the family, but really now. There is nobody to blame but herself. You are an adult, you are responsible for what you do.

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@Jannetto You are welcome. She was my friends' friend. I feel sadness for their loss.

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To those posters blaming this poor girl:

It's obvious that she was lacking in common sense at the time so there no need to reinforce the blame on a dead person. Tons of people do stupid things on the railings at Niagara Falls every day and it's a surprise there aren't more accidental deaths. It's just tragic to see such a young life gone to waste because a brief moment of bad judgement. RIP

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I hope this was not a suicide but if it were?? Sorry but I've been in Japan way too long and know that suicide is a big problem here and anywhere Japanese go to outside of Japan too this includes Canada etc...

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Bad mouthing the dead? That's pretty low. She was young and carefree. People make mistakes in life. This one cost her hers. No need to rub it in.

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There is nobody to blame but herself. You are an adult, you are responsible for what you do.

This seems like a harsh judgment, which is so damn easy for those who were not there.

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A tragic accident, sincere condolences to the young womans family

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Yes Mark, I appreciate the link too. Its very depressing. Haven't we all done an extreme pose to capture it on film? I know I have. If you watched the news, it didnt really look THAT dangerous. There was a grassy embankment. She must have REALLY lost her balance to have fallen all the way in. Tragic, truly..

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Haven't we all done an extreme pose to capture it on film? I know I have.

No, I haven't, because I'm not a jackass. And I doubt that's what young Miss Tokumasu had in mind.

If you watched the news, it didnt really look THAT dangerous.

Yeah, that's why they post all those warning signs. For people who don't get that it really is "THAT dangerous."

She must have REALLY lost her balance to have fallen all the way in.

Wow! You must work for CSI or something.

Judging by the pictures, she looked like a happy young lady with a lot of friends. It's really sad. Condolences to her family. But not to the friends who were with her, taking her picture. Every one of them who did nothing to convince her that it was a bad idea to climb on (or over) the railing bears a measure of guilt for her death.

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Sigh I looked at her facebook and saw the updates and pics and now I feel sad about this.

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Looking at the YouTube video, I was surprised the railing was so close to the edge. Perhaps they might think of moving it further back? Just a suggestion. The photos of Ayano on YouTube broke my heart. I got the impression that she was very outgoing, got along wonderfully with people, and probably had a brilliant future ahead of her.

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The photos of Ayano on YouTube broke my heart.

I could only make it through about 20 seconds of the video. Truly a sad event.

RIP Ayano.

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If I had a time machine, I would go back and save three people. I won't tell who the other two are since I may be accused of straying off topic. However, I will definitely pluck Ayano off that railing and tell her never to return to Niagara Falls--or any other falls for that matter.

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