Body of slain doctor returns home to Japan from Afghanistan


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Welcome home. May you have a much deserved rest. Your life and work are an inspiration, and will remain so.

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RIP :(

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May he rest in peace ..... but..... who on Earth would murder a doctor helping civilians? Evil to its core

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Let Afghans take care of Afghanistan.

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May he rest in peace ..... but..... who on Earth would murder a doctor helping civilians? Evil to its core

He was specifically targeted. He was warned beforehand not to make the trip.

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A Japanese hero comes home.

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You would think that the Afghans had enough violence for a while alas they are like the dog that bites the feeding hand.

They are only fit to be visited by the likes of Genghis Khan.

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Respect. Rest in Peace dear Dr.

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Okaerinasai sensei. Rest in peace and may your family be comforted in some small way by the global respect you have earned.

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Really want to hear who is responsible for this horrific senseless act. RIP.

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Of course the Taliban will deny it, it was probably a mistaken attack and admitting to it would be a PR disaster for them. You'd be a fool to believe that they had no involvement!

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Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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Why on earth hadn't such a saint ever gotten awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while some people recommended Greta Thunberg to be nominated to it only because of the short speech?

Totally ridiculous.

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My great respect and deep consolation Mr. Nakamura, RIP...Fukuoka is your home.

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The media won't say much about this (especially MSM in the West), but he was a Christian man. Don't be fooled... this was religious persecution. Dr. Nakamura is a martyr.

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Let Afghans take care of Afghanistan.

Let good people do what they decide to do.

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He was specifically targeted. He was warned beforehand not to make the trip.

Okay. The question of who murders a doctor caring for civilians.

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Still stands.

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The people of Afghanistan loved Dr. Nakamura, during last few days helding Mourning ceremonies nationwide in Afghanistan confirms my claim. He was killed by Pakistani ISI ( intelligent service) that not want building canals to improve agriculture in Afghan Nangarhar province . Pakistan is the only country in this world that using terrorism fo achieving political goals. Dr. Nakamura assisstance and memory will be in the heart of every Afghan forever.

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A fine example of a man.

Welcome home Nakamura sensei and back to Fukuoka.

I will lay a flower for you at Daizifu in the garden by the bridge in the coming days. If anyone deserves the Nobel peace prize this man does. His willingness to help and teach others is a sheer inspiration to me and so many others. With a heavy heart we welcome him home. Taken to early before a life's work could have been completed. May you find peace and refuge with your higher power sir.

I pray for the evil men who murdered you in cold blood be brought to justice and punished severely.


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