Brave rafters paddle against floods

By Shingo ITO

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I hope this info becomes useful to someone somehow. My folks in my hometown in my home country aside from buying truck tire inner tubes as improvised floatation devices, our local authorities have rigid hull boats such as kayaks and RHIB's since inflatable boats will usually get punctured by underwater debris. My neighbor in that place also owns short kayaks since we get flooded often.

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Godspeed to you and your family and friends as well as neighbors. I'm an old guy now but still have a lot of muscle and motivation and when the poop hits the fan I would like to get back to Japan where I can be if assistance. Speak Japanese sufficiently to assist and can live with my late wife's parents. How can I help?

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Best way to help is send cash to relief organisations.

They should be updating for this latest emergency

These rafters are real heroes and legends. Pro sportsmen or such, don't even pretend.

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We need to have an "let's say it" expatriate group to help this country that we moved to and adopted as I did in 1981. Lived here on an off for almost 40 years and we need to give something back to this great country.

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