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Breastfeeding shirt supports mothers in evacuation centers


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What could be more natural than a mother feeding her baby?

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@wallace North American can be very weird sometimes.

Yes. All the sex and nudity on the TV/movies, nearly naked on the beach with speedos but a mother breastfeeding.

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@wallace North American can be very weird sometimes.

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Greatest religious paintings of a mother breastfeeding her baby


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I don't share your opinion... I got two kids (not kids now though) and they knew about breastfeeding well enough at least when they were 7 years old more or less...and they were educated from top to bottom in the Japanese school system (that being part for them to be quite illiterate in what is language sadly... partially my fault).

So I don't think is the "Jland" fault... even if it was, were the school system fails, the partenst should cover, so if your son didn't knew that and you didn't teach it.. then is your fault (like me for not teaching them languages)

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One thing that Japan does not need to import are western prudish attitudes toward breasts, nipples and breast feeding. Just 20 years ago my wife and other mothers would feed their infants where and when they wanted and nobody cared. The only people who noticed were grandmothers who gave a wholesome look.

When we visited North America when my wife was nursing a kid we thought it was so weird and unnatural that woman would hide when they were feeding a kid.

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So strange , we live in strange times

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I've never seen kids horrified looking at breastfeeding, especially since some of those kids were breastfed themselves. Now, kids who have already learned about shame and guilt. . .maybe they are horrified, but the rest of the cultured world isn't. It's on in how a child is raised, I guess.

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/dev/randomMar. 25  07:30 pm JST

Gaijin too much breastfeeding campaign

When did that campaign happen and what did it look like

You can can search that in good ol Google.

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@/dev/random and Gene Hennigh

Welcome to Jland where kids are never taught about breastfeeding, same as my son.

So if you want to get it on your breastfeeding high horse not all women want to do it, in fact more women hate it.

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Protecting the dignity of the mother and the child

As a long resident here in J land you can't expect everyone to appreciate moms breastfeeding in public, I've seen kids horrified lookig at mothers flipped their breasts in public places.

That is why J land have designated places to breasted their baby.

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Gaijin too much breastfeeding campaign scared my niece to no babies, babies are disgusting.

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Hopefully this concept will be exported overseas. Protecting the dignity of the mother and the child, and others present, is an act of social well-being.

Doing what comes naturally without any principled self-restraint is the opposite of civilization.

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