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British expert calls for Japan's lead in dealing with aging society


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Don't worry.

"The newly created government panel is tasked with discussing topics such as making education and daycare services for preschoolers free and reducing the financial burden of going to college."

Job done.

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Cheap low skilled temporary workers from impoverished Asian countries and robots. What's not to love? Until 60% of the population are 100 years old of course

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As people live longer and healthier than before, she argues that they should be encouraged to carry on working and learning through different stages of life.

Don't tell the companies! Next thing you know, "retirement age" will be raised to 75 with pension benefits starting at 80.

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She said a country with an ageing population "tends to use" more financial resources for pensions and healthcare?

Brilliant. This is why she's a professor. She can teach us these subtle nuances of economics that we could never come up with on our own.

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The newly created government panel, which also focuses on education, is tasked with discussing topics such as making education and daycare services for preschoolers free and reducing the financial burden of going to college.

During the interview, Gratton expressed support for the idea of investing in the education of young children, calling it a "wise" move.

Great idea. Although with the lastest OECD data just released showing Japan yet again dead last (34) in education spending as a percentage of GDP there is nowhere to go but up.

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i disagree with her. Many countries will keep growing in population until they start falling from sea cliffs and border walls. Japan isndoing a great job at keeping doors shut and trying to decrease the population, world has more than 7billion people and the only way to save the future is to start thinking like Japan

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My company hires staff over 60.  They are experienced and have the right connections to make business flows easier.   It's so much easier to work with these people too.

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Gratton , I am afraid you are more likely to find out what NOT to do going forward in an aging society here in Japan

So far it is an ongoing disaster, would love to report otherwise but I am just NOT seeing much of anything that looks to help or make things better, only meaningless platitudes spouted by politicians who simply kick the bucket down the road a few metres

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Yeah, sorry, but Japan should be looked at as an example of what to avoid. There is a looming crisis and we are just at the tipping point. Another story from today is about the record number of centennarians, and once Respect for the Aged Day passes it'll be stories about how pension is running out, taxes need to be raised, the government's inability to deal with the aging society problem, a lack of daycares for children, the need for dual incomes households, the need for families to take in their loved ones as they get old (as the new Consitution will require), the lack of spending, the lack of savings, the absolute refusal to grant more refugees entry to Japan, immigration control becoming more strict, and finally Japan praying for robots to save them.

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I think I read somewhere something about Youth in Asia... or was it Euthanasia ?

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