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Brothers reunited in Japan after 6 decades apart


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I wish they could stay together. I'm trying not to cry :..(

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That is a lovely story, isn't it.

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Lovely. Dreams do come true.

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Nice story.

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Aren't these names mixed up? Ohye the American served in Siberia?

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Thankyou Japan Today, for a realy happy story.

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it is also my fervent wish that someday my children will be together with one love that will bind them in peace and harmony.it is a good example of a true bloodline. love conquers all!

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Great story, but I wonder why the Japanese American one, Minoru Ohye, can't speak Japanese. It seems he was living in Japan until 1951 when he would have been 25. So if he went to Japan as a child, (10 years old??), that would be 15 years at least speaking Japanese. Plus I am sure he spoke Japanese with his mom in California. Can you forget Japanese after 60 years?

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Wow! Great story. I was born in Fukuoka and adopted when I was 4 years old and raised in Hawaii. I wish I could meet my birth mother. I would tell her that everything worked out okay, and that I don't blame her for what she felt she had to so...

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Great story of two old blokes who have led very interesting lives. Nice they got to see each other again.

it had been difficult to communicate with his brother through telephone calls because he didn’t understand English. They would exchange a lot of “hellos” and then their conversations ended, he said.

ha ha ! That's classic!

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ironchef, similar thoughts crossed my mind. They were born and raised in the states till their father's death forced a separation. I wonder if they were home schooled. If they did go to school then they would have spoken Japanese at home and English at school and with friends. They spent at least a decade in America before things changed. I think Ohye can understand Japanese but he isn't able to speak it well since he doesn't seemed to have had a chance to use it. Kamimura should be able to understand English but perhaps the relatives who took him in forbade English at home. I wonder if the post war Japanese educational curriculum included English classes.

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Had a few tears in my eyes reading this too. What a wonderful gem to read amongst the other gloomy news.

jwalz777~I hope your dream comes true one day. I wish more people in this world had even half the compassion you have. Good luck!

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Heartwarming. I'm glad they had the chance to meet again, and hope they have yet more.

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A rare piece of good news. Nice.

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It seems the brother who stayed in the US ended up much happier. Nature vs nurture!

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The story was good, but jwalz777 brought tears. These reunions often turn out to be not quite as expected. I hope you can find your mother and tell her everything.

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Eskaton Wilson Manor home for the elderly, it's administrator Debbie Reynolds and all who contributed for the fundraising, what an amazing effort.

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Very heartwarming...

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Indeed a nice story for a change! Wished I would have seen it on TV. Maybe YouTube?

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So sweet to read, especially after the Sapporo sisters story. And happy to see they still enjoy beer! Gives me hope.

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despite language barrier between these 2 bros, they both like beer

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Awesome story, awesome history. Happy Birthday man!!

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