Building of temporary housing begins for Japan quake victims


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Hope they don't have to live in them for too long.

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I hope these kasetsu juutaku prefabs are reusable and will not just be scrapped in two years' time. That's what happened to many of them built in the past.

Before the "wood shock" affected timber prices, these cost 6 million yen or so each to build. It'll be more now, probably 30% more. With the need to bring in plumbing and electricity, probably about 10 million yen per unit. If they are scrapped, that's 100,000 yen a week for two years.

A lot of this could have been avoided if people's homes had been reinforced beforehand at much lower cost. This is another case of a stitch in time saves nine.

At least there is no Olympics this time to pull away tradespeople and bump up the cost of construction materials. That's what happened with the rebuilding of Tohoku.

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Temporary Housing? What a waste of prescious money and prescious time! It may take a little longer and more costly to build Strong Earthquake Proof Buildings to house those unhoused by the earthquake. But think of the money saved and the future safety of those affected by the earthquake. Japan is the world's best builder of earthquake-proof buildings!

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I sympathize with those needing temporary housing. I remember living in Japan on a military base when our family of 7 was close to having to evacuate to temporary housing. A military warehouse directly across the street from our building burned to the ground. It was a traumatic event for me. I can't imagine how at 6 years old I would have remained emotionally stable without the love and protection we received from our parents. Their foundation of faith sustained us on another experience which involved our rental house fire 10 years later. This one required us to find another rental, which was difficult where we lived in Washington D.C. I thank God today that the Japanese government has emergency services for those needing assistance.

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Well done, winter is here and creeping on us so I hope these people will find peace and comfort soon.

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Why on earth isn't there a stock supply of these ready to be air lifted into disaster regions? 'Beginning to build' sounds like no one knew there would be a need at some point

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Judging by the photo they're going to have a long wait to get into the temporary housing.

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They will be constructed in 4-6 weeks.

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They will be equipped with the basic appliances. Rice cooker, gas stove, washing machine, water heater, and ac unit.

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Are there any sites or organizations where one can list/offer housing to displaced residents of Ishikawa?

I have plenty of space to help at least a family of 4.

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