Bureaucrats seek to pick winners with Y100 bil 'Cool Japan Fund'

By Junko Fujita

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I can think of better ways to use that kind of money. Remember the people in temporary housing in the Tohoku region. I am sure they care about cool japan.

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If "Japan is back" why do they need to waste 100bn of unfairly advertising the brands they deem cool?

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sillygirl, the fact is that Japan can afford both. The issue of temporary house is important, but not directly related to this. A rising tide lifts all ships, so hopefully programmes such as this one can generate jobs that will help regions like Tohoku get back on their feet.

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Bound for conflict of interest, complete pack of independency when chosing the compagnies or products to promote... Money will pour in advert companies selected by politiciens while it is taken trop citizens. In any other part of the world, money is given by creation of organisations managed by a group of compagnies. Mini stries fan of course promote whole commercial sectors (tourism, electronics, power,culture, etc...) and stick to it.

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Yeah..60 year old oyajis deciding what is " cool " and splurging taxpayer billions on supporting private companies. The mother of all amakudari dreams.

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"Cool Japan Fund"? Should be the "Cool Fukushima Fund"!

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Please goto Fukushima and talk to the people there about how much money you are spending and not giving to them.

What is a "soft" export?

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Readers, please stop trying to turn this thread into a discussion on Tohoku. That is not what the story is about.

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Maybe bureaucrat thinks Nintendo, Pokemon are not Japanese? Just like Japan Inc years ago, they became American without Government help. Right now, Sony Picure, Sony Entertainme3nt, CBS Sony, Sony CBS, Sony Columbia opearing TV cartoons all day long in many channels. W.O Govt hekp. American made cartoons? A few oldies. However, animations are usually Japanese animation, Teenagers don;t even recognize Sony as Electronic super years ago. Just like an American politician who declared he only use American product likke Honda and Sony TV (about 10 years ago), Japanese politicians must be thinking Anime in USA are not Japanese created. because voice actors and Americanized sexy shaped characters. Japan Inc must be scratching their faces for this Funds. They used their own money to outgrow in USA.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Hey! If there is large mass of people standing up against this kind of nonesense, what do you expect. You could tax people 90% and they`d still accept it. It just the way society has become, conditioned and uninterested.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

sashimi? Are bureaucrats thinking sending sashimi from Japan to USA? No, way USA people and eateries can use. OSHA violation and any supermarket has to throw away same day they imported. Sashim slices are fish ifrom USA oceans. OSHA rulews are tough for imported food products - more than paranoia. Before cerain time printed on label, food have to be thrown out. They even can't give to hungry people. tMake product names with Japanese. Kikkoman instant tobu Miso soups, Maruchan /Ramen, top Ramen are popuilar. No need Japanese Govt advertize. Just follow JJapan Inc's successing practice.

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Noice! A 'money for mates' campaign under the guise of subsidies. That'll work!

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"A rising tide lifts all ships"

That's no longer true. Corporations are making the highest profits in the history of mankind, while workers' wages have shrunk or stagnated. The correlation is going the other way. That's why we taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize wealthy powerful corporations, ie, the "one percent."

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Bureaucrats picking winners is a bit old hat and not likely to end well;.

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Bureaucrats picking winners? Let me guess, all the Bureaucrat's friend's companies where they expect a golden para-shoot when they leave the government?

What is the criteria for winning? Who are the panel of experts that decide what is cool and how much money to give them? More money being flushed

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"Bureaucrats" and "cool" anything can never go together. They are like oil amd water, amd the two just don't mix. Anything the Japanese bureaucrats touch is doomed and is bound to become "uncool" instantly.

Even the private sector in Japan is way behind the times when it comes to "cool". Has anyone seen the program "Channel Japan", which airs on Nikkei CNBC and is supposed to show the world how cutting edge and cool Japan is? No matter how hard I try, I can never stay awake through the entire hour-long program (and it airs in the morning or daytime!). It reminds me of TV shows in the West from thirty years ago. Everything about it is boring, dowdy and depressing, including the visuals, show content and presenters. It's like having to sit through a really boring lecture in class from an uncool and dorky teacher at school.

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if they think Japanese foods,annime, pop culture will make up for the downturn in electronics, cars, parts etc for the last 20+ years theyre going to be sadly disappointed.

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Must do alot of R&D outside Japan to know which companies would work.

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Japanese companies need to do something, because Korean and Chinese companies are making better products.

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