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Caffeine overdose cases rising in Japan: survey


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The number of 'genki' drinks and such products on the market, who's surprised? Do these tablets have clear warnings about health risks?

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Yet another side effect of the overworking culture in Japanese businesses. If people are having to take caffeine in order to work the next day after working long hours the day before there is something wrong with the way these businesses are being run.

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Jeez 6 grams is a hell of a lot of caffeine, more than what I have in an entire week and I quite like my coffee.

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Consuming more than a gram of caffeine at one time can cause symptoms such as severe nausea, dizziness and increased heart rate. There were seven cases of heart failure, three fatal, following the consumption of over 6 grams of caffeine at one time, according to the survey.

I get the crazy heart rate thing after even 3 or 4 strong cups. I like a dark roast, which is about 330mg/mug. Six grams would mean 18 cups!? For the love of go, in a week, maybe. The paramedics would definitely be yelling CLEAR as they defib me.

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It would be difficult to drink that much coffee to cause issues. I'm sure all the problems arose from the caffeine pills.

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What about energy drinks? I've been to the hospital after drinking too many.

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People seem to combine those pills, plus coffee, plus energy drinks all at the same time as the article says. Its like they think its ok if they are different categories. But the point is when you overdo it, you feel it. But some people either need it for work or feel invincible and dont care. So I dont know whats the point of making a public campaign out of it or limiting how many you can buy. I am pretty sure everyone who does it knows what they are doing already.

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I am not saying it is right or wrong. I honestly have no idea. I am merely voicing my concern, but I see countless teenagers, children, even babies drinking green tea in Japan. Green tea has a good amount of caffeine in it. Teenagers all over the world drink some form of caffeine, but I am genuinely curious if there are any negative effects to giving children and babies caffeinated green tea at such a young age. People build up a tolerance to caffeine very quickly. In a matter of only weeks the effects of a fixed amount of daily caffeine begin to taper off.

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It's those numerous energy and so-called health drinks that are the problem. They should be banned.

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You see all those adverts on Japanese TV with salarymen fizzing and bursting with energy after drinking one of those wee bottles of distilled power. Vending machines are full of them. They really do send out the wrong message. Worse than the "Red Bull gives you wings" adverts.

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