Canada to evacuate passengers from virus-hit cruise ship


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People are not going to want to sail on it.

Got a friend who tells me she's already booked on it for the end of this year. She's hoping it will have been well and truly disinfected by then.

As for those not infected being taken off ship and subjected to another 14 days' quarantine - makes sense to me. If people were still being found to be infected yesterday, surely that means everyone on the ship breathing the same air (thanks to the aircon system feeding the inner cabins) should be starting another 14 days?

Hopefully those repatriated will be housed in more quarantine-capable conditions than is possible on a ship.

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The quarantine period on the cruise ship ends on Wednesday, where anyone not infected will be allowed to disembark. Instead, if you're Canadian and not infected, you will be repatriated and quarantined for another 14 days. Furthermore if you are infected, you will be left there.

I bet the Canadians on board are head over heels with that! Well done Canada lol..

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these people were forced to be in ship by Japanese government, just look at your ....comments when the boat docked .

Also look at how Japanese government handle them first 7 days after docking.

if you didn't want to take care of these people, Japanese government should of contacted other nations to take back their citizens from day 1, not after 400 people get infected here in Japanese water ( not land), i guess i need to be correct, not land, only sea water.

let see how they handle their own citizens in the ship, are they going to keep them in the ship or finally take them to a isolated facility.

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they will still be held like prisoners at military bases. Not sure if it will be much different.

The Yukon Lodge at the Canadian Forces base in Trenton is a heck of a lot more spacious than that ship.

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As mentioned by another poster, the folks who complained here about this being a prison or whatnot, had better had the same attitude about these folks after they are repatriated! They are going from one forced quarantine to another.

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Canada bring virus home, there is lot of room up north for virus treatment...

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Condition are getting worse, they have run out of food, the government of Japan is supplying Bento Boxes to the passenger

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Philly 1,travel insurance cannot pay the government, unless they are in medical facilities, they are in base in the US

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Why all this chatter about billing and costs and who will pay? That's why travelers purchase insurance. The further nuisance (after the illness/quarantine on ship/evacuation or hospitalization/and further quarantine at home costs are added up) will be filing those insurance claims. Lots of empathy for all those affected.

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The ship seems like a little Wuhan. All nations better evacuate their citizens from there as soon as possible.

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great, and yes canada and us better pay full costs, food till now,med checks,transport and air fees and all in between..

that said its glad to never hear those moaning again... guantanamo should be relatively free and remote these days i hear?

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Brits on board are complaining they have heard nothing from the British government.

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How can people be evacuated of this ghost ship for an off-shore quarantine by USA, Canada, ... while it cannot be done in Japan?

People raising the "who pays" matter are just ridiculous greedy people not worth any attention.

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"After arriving in Canada, the passengers will undergo a 14-day period of quarantine, the statement added."

You mean they're not going to just release them in downtown Toronto right away and ask them to be 'vigilant'? Sounds like one nation has a bit of brains, anyway.

MarkX: "That is nice and all, but I hope that my country will be picking up the tab and not leaving it to the kindness of the Japanese government."

Well, agree and disagree. I mean, whose to say they were not infected while kept in quarantine aboard the ship, by order of the Japanese government? In that case, why should Canada pay? Asking the governments of these nationals to pay for being kept there by the Japanese government is a lot like the company of Diamond Princess demanding the people pay for the extended stay. Actually, the company should pay for any medical, too, come to think of it.

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I agree with you, it would have made better reading if the number of Canadians on board was mentioned.  Other news sources are reporting up to 255 Canadians on the Diamond Princess.

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This must be costing the owners of this ship millions of dollars every day. What are they going to do with it after the quarantine is over? People are not going to want to sail on it.

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Article could also have said how many Canadians are on it...

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It says if they have symptoms they are going to be left to the Japanese health care system. That is nice and all, but I hope that my country will be picking up the tab and not leaving it to the kindness of the Japanese government. We have heard so many times that the passengers are prisoners on the ship, but once they get back to their countries they will still be held like prisoners at military bases. Not sure if it will be much different. But at least we won't have to hear them bitch and complain about the terrible conditions. Or rather please tell us how great the conditions are at the next quarantine location!

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Nice to see countries finally taking some responsibility for their citizens here!

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