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Canceled domestic flights due to Tokyo airport collision strand many


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Several domestic flights due to arrive at Tokyo's Haneda airport were canceled or delayed Thursday

Not only Thursday, it might be even longer. That runway where collision took place is currently not being used. However international flight still running while stopping domestic flights.

Ikuro Narayama, a 27-year-old company employee from Tokyo, said his flight to Haneda scheduled for Wednesday was canceled, adding that he had to spend the night in the Hokkaido airport's rest area.

Some people started to work right on Thursday, January 4th. That accidents just hit at really perfect timing where people transportation domestic were full with people taking new year holiday.

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Seems many of these passengers could have been rerouted to Narita with minimal trouble to the airlines…

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@Patrick. Incorrect.

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@Patrick. Incorrect.

It's definitely correct. If you read carefully, you'll note that he said seems which indicates he doesn't actually know and is not making a claim.

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Better late than dead. Deal with it.

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Sweet lord! Put these people in some hotels at least.

ebisen: "Better late than dead. Deal with it."

Yeah, because there aren't 100 + other airports in Japan that they could be flown to while they wait to find who was responsible for the extreme negligence at Haneda. And again, why can't the flight companies put them up in hotels? It's their fault the people are delayed.

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Meant to add, this is one reason why you never leave the return trip until the last day/night. Hopefully their companies, family, etc., are forgiving.

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Surely if they are all domestic then they could be put on trains? Especially if you are flying from airport to airport then most places are well served by trains.

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It is new years, obviously there wasn't excess supply to fulfill the sudden change in demand. Certainly going to be a cost associated with timely changes. As if the other modes of transport wasn't full already.

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The rail companies might want to sort out an emergency back-up plan for this sort of circumstance, running services at night when the rail network is normally shut down. In return, the airlines could operate an emergency night time service should there be a quake issue with the trains.

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