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Car crashes through guardrail and hits house below, killing occupant


A car crashed through a guardrail and fell four meters, hitting a house and killing a 17-year-old occupant in Hiroshima on Tuesday.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 12:30 a.m. in Higashi Ward. NTV reported that a 20-year-old man was driving three female friends home when the accident occurred. The car smashed through a guardrail and fell nearly four meters before crashing into a small house.

Police said one of the occupants of the house, Kyoka Masumoto, suffered head injuries. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the car and his passengers all sustained minor injuries.

Police said it was raining heavily at the time and believe the driver lost control of the car as the road curved.

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That's just horrible. RIP Kyoka-chan.

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Every driver should know the years of unhappiness and regret that one careless moment can cause.

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She had 17 years. I've had twice that. Life can end at any second. It is like the report this week of a jet that crashed in the US, killing a mother and her two children. Out of nowhere.

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probably showing off by driving fast with his female friends.

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Someone needs to sue the city, seems if a car could crash over the rail so could any of the lunatic truck drivers in Japan easily

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Wow some people have such bad luck in life. As for the driver, he was obviously distracted by his female companions, showing of his driving skills to them or texting or doing something else while he was driving. Doesnt sound like the guard rail was too sound either. Sad the young girl will not see the New Year or any other year.

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Why do some people immediately assume it was the driver's fault and totally make up scenarios about the driver being distracted or trying to impress?? It says it was "raining heavily" and it might have been an accident. Cynical bitter and jaded people should have no access to the Internet...

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Lucrezia, people here often look at the worst case scenario, but.. It was obviously the drivers fault since he had the control over the car, he could have just stopped somewhere instead of driving in such bad weather conditions. And lets be real, so many japanese cars got that stupid tv's at the front and that caused a lot of accidents already. May we get some more information on what it caused?

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News in Spanish at link below, with enlargeable crash photo. Can't see map location from it, though.

Not to excuse driver, but lots of people go off the road especially in rain, and maybe house was built where it shouldn't be or road was built where it shouldn't be or with insufficient safety measures. Cars go off road sometimes.


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