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Car fire in Miyagi caused by children playing with lighter


Police said Monday they found a station wagon gutted by fire in the parking lot of a grocery store in Shibata City, Miyagi Prefecture. Police said they believe the accident, which occurred around 5 p.m. on Sunday, was caused by children playing with a lighter inside the vehicle.

The car, belonging to a family of four, was parked in the lot with the children, 1 and 3, inside, while the children's parents were shopping. The father, 37, told police he noticed the fire from within the grocery store and rushed to pull the children to safety.

The mother, 29, suffered minor injuries to her hand when she attempted to put the fire out, but no other injuries were reported.

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How old were the children? It takes considerable contact time for a full fire to get going in a car, how can a child hold a flame that long to a surface?

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Isn't it just like the news two days ago about 4 kids who died in a car fire in Hokkaido?

If you're gonna have children in your car just throw the damned thing away or childproof it with super-glue.

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YongYang - it says that the kids were 1 and 3.

I know I've said this more than a few times when I saw other incidents like this, but LEAVING YOUR SMALL KIDS IN A CAR ALONG IS SUCH A STUPID THING TO DO. Seriously, I don't know what these people were thinking when they left the kids by themselves.. When my kids were 1, I would even take them to the bathroom when I showered.. Leaving them alone is STUPID!

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My god. Another one? At least these children were lucky enough to be saved. You don't leave little kids in a car alone! Especially not for longer than a few minutes and especially not with a lighter!

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I other countries the parents would be charged with neglect, but in Japan they are heroes for attempting to save the kids - who should never have been left alone in the car in the first place!

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Isn't this why people have strollers? So that when kids that age don't want to get up and move, you can move them around while they sleep or whatever? If you pick them up, I swear to you, they will go back to sleep if they wake up. I have seen enough comatose kids to know this. And if they cry? Well, that's better than dead.

It's not ALWAYS a bad idea to leave your kids in the car, but you certainly need to wait til they're at an age where you can trust them not to do stupid stuff. (And definitely don't leave the car idling.)

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Monkeyz - It's not ALWAYS a bad idea to leave your kids in the car,

Hogwash! It IS ALWAYS a bad idea to leave kids in the car! 30 seconds is too long! Any person who leaves their kids in the car for any reason is an irresponsible idiot with serious priority issues!

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There is no sane reason to leave a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old unattended in a car while the adults shop. There were TWO adults in the car with the kids, so ONE could have stayed with the children while the other shops.

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YongYang;"It takes considerable contact time for a full fire to get going in a car, how can a child hold a flame that long to a surface?"

Who said they ignited any part of the car first? I can tell from experience that when you have kids in a car (or anywhere for that fact) you have a lot of other things like picture books, tissue paper, diapers, etc.. and these will burn fast and in some cases very hot due to the chemicals in them.

These parents are morons! At 3 my kids could get into a massive amount of trouble just in the time it would take me to pour a cub of coffee.

But this is Japan where everyday I see mothers leave their children in the child seat on the back of a bicycle just on its stand while they shop (no helmet no one watching). One wrong move or if someone bumps the bike the child goes crashing to the ground and splits his or her head open (and I have seen it happen).

Oh yes and don't forget all the nice mothers that drive around with their kids in they arms saying their are safer in my arms then a child seat because I will never let go of them in a crash. I had this fight with my mother-in-law every time the children went to see them.

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This all boils down to the fact that there is no aptitude test for potential parents. Everyone is expected to get "on-the-job-training" when it comes to having children and, unfortunately, some parents are mentally incapable of making right decisions when it comes to child safety. If they're lucky, a close-call will wake them up to their deficiencies, but it's usually a fatality that finally drives to point home to them. By then it's too late for the child, who trusted the parents to protect them from harm.

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limboinjapan: I rode a racing bicycle competitively and what bugs me is some Japanese mothers who do strap their children to the back seat but neglect to provide them with a helmet. Believe me, I've crashed many times and in most cases you lose total control. Now that's negligent(or ignorant) to me.

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paulinusa; Tell me about it! Got my children to buckle up at all times in the car but even though I got them helmets for their bikes but I'm damned if I can get then to always wear them (12 and 15 years old now). None of their friends do so they feel like "why do I have to".

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One has to wonder if those & other parents will realize that their smoking is not the best thing for themselves or children ESPECIALLY leaving on with a lighter.

True leaving you kids, at those young ages, alone in a car for 30 minutes is simply unheard of by most parents in this world.

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If I were in charge, I would have put this article in the Crime section. BTW, if there was a lighter in the car, then the parents were no doubt smoking in the car, when the kids were there, which is also illegal (ie. criminal) in some places. All in all, there are criminal acts here.

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Why the hell didnt this dad take his kids in the store? this story is very fishy and it should be investigated!!!

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This thing will continue to happen until Japan starts to charge parents with negligent care of their children and collect a hefty fine for each offense.

Parents leaving children alone at home with access to a balcony;kids walking around in the car while it is in motion;mothers holding children while they drive;parents leaving toddlers alone in a car (even worse - with the engine running!); I can go on and on, we've seen these stories many times here. What gets me are the people who come here and say that it is an acceptable practice to leave young children alone - perhaps someday we'll be reading about you and your children here.

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