Carriage windows shatter as Keikyu trains pass


Two windows in a train on the Keikyu Line shattered as it passed an oncoming express train in Sukagawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Thursday.

According to police, two high school students who were sitting with their backs to the glass, sustained minor lacerations as a result of the incident.

According to a spokesperson for Keikyu Corp, which owns the private railway connecting inner Tokyo with Kawasaki, the accident occurred between Taura and Anjiinzuka stations at around 4:30 p.m. TV Asahi reported that two window panes in the lead carriage of a train shattered as it passed a rapid limited express. One pane of glass in the rapid limited express train also cracked in the incident, the Keikyu spokesperson was quoted as saying.

According to Keikyu, 30 passengers were in the carriage when the breakage occurred, although only two were reported injured.

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Yesterday as I was returning home by train, another train passed us in the opposite direction. The sound and shock wave just about sent me out of my seat. I suppose now trains may start installing reinforced glass. Traveling at high speed in opposing directions train speeds would double as they pass each other. I've always thought the distances between trains here were a little too close for comfort.

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Just perfect timing of train passing sound vs natural frequency of glass.

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Freak incident, glass can take a tremendous amount of effort without damage, and can shatter at the slightest impact "if done in the right conditions"

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And absolutely NOTHING will be done about it. It's not like they can suddenly rebuild the tracks to be further apart. The air pressure that gets forced between two passing trains is tremendous, and I'm only surprised this hasn't happened before (that we know of).

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Yeah, the bow wave of air from two trains going past each other at high speed is pretty impressive. If the wind is in play as well that might have done it.

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I always wondered why local trains were square fronted and not streamlined like the rapid trains. I know it has a lot to do with shunting practices, but many of the square drone trains travel at speeds high enough to benefit from a streamlined front car. Would save a lot of energy and also prevent incidents like this. I know it's just a pipe dream, but......

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