Cave-in kills 2 workers at construction site in Yamaguchi


Two workers at a construction site in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, were killed in a cave-in on Thursday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 9:40 a.m. Thursday at the site where a supermarket was being built, Sankei Shimbun reported. The cave-in was apparently triggered as workmen were digging up old water pipes.

Koji Sakoda, a 58-year-old worker who was in a 3-meter-deep hole, was hit by the soil, and a 28-year-old Filipino worker who tried to help him, was also buried.

Police said they were both dead by the time their bodies were retrieved.

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Terrible way to go. Good on the Filipino, unnamed worker for giving his life in trying to help a colleague. He deserves a posthumous award. RIP to both, and I hope their families are compensated.

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Why is the Filipino not named? It sounds like the guy is a hero.

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He has been named as セジャス・レヤス in other reports, including the one I saw on the news last night.

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Sad for such a needless loss of life.

I don't know the facts but I did see the site on tv news.

It appears the most basic rule of trenching was ignored.

All trench walls must be shored up,underpinned or braced.

I couldn't see evidence of any such support system - but I could be mistaken.

Sliding, toppling or subsiding of soil into the excavation is the deadly end-result of inadequate preparations.

Who is responsible? Don't know, but it looked like an accident waiting to happen - with tragic results.

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The 28 year old filipino workers name is Charles Cejas (チャールス セハス).. Yes he is indeed a young,brave HERO who risked his life to save somebody's life. Hope he will be named on the next news for he deserves to be known.

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