Census distribution starts with wariness about virus infection


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Every five years, strewth, at least ours only come round every ten years!

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The dropped it off at my house today.

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Around 610,000 census takers who started knocking on doors Monday will put questionnaires in letter boxes, instead of handing them over at the door as they used to, and will give explanations of the content via the interphone to avoid direct contact.

Just two hours ago the guy rang our doorbell and handed it to me directly. Not a big deal, but just sayin.

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I got mine in the mail over the weekend. Maybe I wasn't home when they rang. It says we are supposed to fill it in by law, but what happens in case of non-compliance I wonder? Jail time and a fine, or absolutely nothing just like a lot of their other toothless laws?

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FYI, straight from their website



So there is a penalty, but they can't force us and therefore ask for our cooperation. Mkay...

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Finished it on the internet the day I got it. Get it over and done with.

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Reckless, lucky you!

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Reckless, lucky you!

Anyone that doesn't have to deliver the darn things is lucky!

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Bad timing! We continue to underestimate the power of the virus to spread into every nook and cranny of the land! The census should have been postponed like the Olympics.

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What if we don't fill it out or hand it in? What's in it for me? I'm asking for a friend.

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