Centenarians top 70,000 in Japan's graying population


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Hopefully their quality of life is good as well!

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Fine & dandy but what this also means is Japans population will be dropping at an ever INCREASING rate ove the coming decades.

Oh and how many young people are coming into the world here in Japan...…………..NOT VERY MANY!

The future is bleak her sadly!

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What is the point of being a centenarian and seeing no offspring kids play in front of you...

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This is just a bragging point. Let’s not forget, these people grew up in a very different era. It is unlikely Japan will have so many centenarians in another 50 years due to the massive change in culture in the last 50 years. Soak up the sun while you can Japan. It’s going to get cloudy very quickly and very soon.

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Most being women is no surprise. To be over 100 you must be of the World War II generation when men suffered enormous casualties.

Japan is going to reach a crisis point in the next two decades where it will have to decide if it will let go of it's xenophobia or let its society die out. Robotics won't change the patriarchy, the burden child rearing Japanese society puts entirely on women, and without significant cultural change there is little incentive for women to bear enough babies to make a dent in their declining population. Its a good example of what other industrialized countries can expect in the coming years.

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Was only a few years ago when checking their files that there were quite a few people well over 100 collecting pensions, turns out when checked most had moved on to serenity. Also remember 10 years ago a report and another yesterday was raising alarm bells as developing Nations are heading the same way but not in such a quick manor. The first report Japan was being viewed as a test case, the second no.

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