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Hamamatsu logs record-tying temperature of 41.1 C


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Record was actually 41.1 - that’s 106! Okay, 105.98. That would please the metric guys, sticklers for exactness. Lab types.

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and yet there's always that one woman going "samui desu ne?"

NO. Put on a jacket, eat a steak sandwich, and zip it!

Turn up the AC to full blast and ban slacks and ties in the office.

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Basically the entire planet uses Metric, except Chucky over here.

But nobody uses metric time. I have problems with both systems. It seems that metric is just a system made to cover the bad points of imperial while ignoring the good.

Celsius units are just too large. I very much like that this 40.1 record would be expressed as 104.18 in Fahrenheit. 100 is a very good sign post for a dangerously hot day or a fever. 40 is not as easy to remember for air temperature and also somewhat past the mark for both weather and a fever.

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I'd rather it be 20 degrees too cold than 1 degree too hot. I can put on extra clothes, use a blanket, do so many things to become warmer. But there is only so much I can do when it's hot to cool down. Even if I went around naked, I would still be hot. And arrested. Give me the cold any time over the heat.

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Fahrenheit system “archaic”. I disagree. 

Basically the entire planet uses Metric, except Chucky over here. What a shock. Also two countries not using the metric system are Burma (Myanmar) and Liberia.

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Hamamatsu at 41.1 ties record.

They reached that at noon. Would have gone higher and broken the record, but it got a little cloudy and stopped the rise. Sorry, folks there.

By the way, one commenter calls the Fahrenheit system “archaic”. I disagree. The centigrade system was forced on western countries by the “Metric people”. The former system has much more range and more conversationally dramatic sounding. NOT like being in a science lab.

So, it was 106 in Hamamatsu! That’s hot, man. Kyoto’s had 100+ for 3 days in a row. But I think 2 years ago (3?), Kyoto was over 100 for 15 days straight.

Another thing that makes heat here so impressive is the nights! Osaka and Kyoto always over 80 at night, sometimes 85 ( That’s 27 to near 30 Celsius).

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Anyway, "Robbin Williams".... you're not forgotten.. RIP.

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Ah reminds me of Robin Williams.. one of our Greatest Comedians of all time (rest his Soul.. or not !)...

From "Good Morning Vietnam!"

"My name's Roosevelt E. Roosevelt."

Roosevelt, what town are you stationed in?.

"I'm stationed in Poontang."

Well, thank you, Roosevelt. What's the weather like out there?

"It's hot. Damn hot. Real hot. Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking."

Well, can you tell me what it feels like.

"Fool, it's hot. I told you again. Were you born on the sun? It's damn hot. I saw; It's so damn hot, I saw little guys, their orange robes burst into flames. It's that hot. Do you know what I'm talking about." What do you think it's going to be like tonight? "It's gonna be hot and wet. That's nice if you're with a lady, but it ain't no good if you're in the jungle."

For the locals replace "Pootang" with "Roppongi"...

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I love the heat, it's hot, but growing up in the heat I prefer it over the cold 10 times over.

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I feel like a lot of foreigners don't understand that the Northern part of Australia has the wet season in summer. Summer is also incredibly humid at home. I think many people don't understand that Australia is huge and has many different climates. The amount of people here that tell me 'at least Australia has dry heat' when my home town is in the tropics is too damn high.

I do think the same temperatures or lower feel hotter here though, due to more people, more buildings, less aircon, and more badly designed homes with no insulation. But Japan is not the only country with humid summers.

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Lots of folks were back at work today, so I hope companies in Hamamatsu were ignoring Cool Biz and cranking the AC for all it was worth, not just whatever the government recommends.

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The mercury last hit 41.1 C in July 2018 in the city of Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture, eclipsing the previous record of 41.0 C

Using "eclipse" makes it sound like the record was emphatically smashed; we're talking about a difference of 0.1c. Who writes these stories?!

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I would be interested to know where you entered the water.

However, I encountered a couple in the Inland Sea in ...May!

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Actually I encountered zero jellyfish for the last three days.

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"rain or shine, we have been seeing new records every year these past few years."

With changes in recording technology, there have been many new records, both hot and cold.

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Dangerous heat. Everyone please be careful.

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Thankfully the sea near Hamamatsu city is a comfy 26-28.

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There is no need to wear a face mask walking along the street-it adds to heatstroke!

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I went raibow trout fishing the other day and cooking them on a stick and had a delicious salty fish for lunch in the heat to keep me from heat stroke.

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It’s summer so it’s supposed to be hot. I hope you’re all enjoying a nice hot summer in Japan.

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but Australia (Cloncurry in Queensland) had 33 consecutive days over 40C from Dec 2018-Jan 2019. Different league!

Its a much dryer heat and relaxed lifestyle there. Millions don't commute in that heat wearing suits to work their 12 hour (paid for 8) work day etc...

Luckily for many here, they don't have to work outside in the Japanese elements.

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Had a great day in the river yesterday!

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rain or shine, we have been seeing new records every year these past few years.

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Two consecutive days over 40C is hot for Japan with the humidity, but Australia (Cloncurry in Queensland) had 33 consecutive days over 40C from Dec 2018-Jan 2019. Different league!

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"Atsui desu ne!"

"Betsu ni..."

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暑いですね at its full last!

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oooh too hot..I'm staying in the AC...

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