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Changes to driver's license test eyed after Chinese man arrested for cheating


The Japan Automobile Federation is considering making changes to the driver's license exam system following a case in which a 34-year-old man cheated with the use of an in-ear bluetooth receiver.

The man, who is of Chinese descent and not confident of his Japanese ability, was arrested earlier this month after it was discovered he was being fed the answers to the test by a man outside the test center over a cell phone, TBS reported.

As a result, the federation that oversees the test is considering occasionally changing the order of the questions and installing cell phone blocking equipment in order to prevent cheating in the future.

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Arrested? What charges? 99% conviction rate, dude you’re screwed!

How about 1 year no retest, would that not be the correct thing to do?

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Ok. I have a few problems with this. 1) the test I took is using a machine to test focus of the eyes. No questions. 2) the visual test with questions was kind of random and no way visible from outside a building. 3) why didn't he just memorise the sequence if it's so easy? 4) why didn't he just wear contact lenses and tell the tester he wasn't like I've seen a few Japanese doing.

How can he be arrested? It's a trumped up charge that should result in automatic failure as okinawamike said. He's an idiot for even trying this anyway because if he had an accident and got found out later he will be seriously burned by the system.

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Ah my guy took the test and said it was STUPID easy. Like true or false is it alright to drink take drugs and drive? Can you make a right turn on red? 10 questions, really who needs to cheat to pass?

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Come to Canada. In B.C., you can have a personal translator there when you're taking this exam.

No shirt, no shoes, no English? No problem!


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guys, I think you confuse the test for changing the license in your country (which is very easy) with the test for getting a license (which is difficult). The news don't mention which one he took. The one for changing the license is available in many languages, including Chinese. The one for getting a license is available at least in English, I don't know about other languages.

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Wow the test is really easy. And one "class" test I had to take I even had my wife with me as a translator. Really laid back attitude here I really love.

It is the driving part that is tough and they will fail foreigners here for any reason. I used to drive an 18 wheeler and other big rigs here but they put me through the ringer just for a regular car license. Really night and day between the written and driving tests.

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I passed both tests on the first try :)

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Bumper touching the white line on the road at a stop sign = instant fail for me. Other gaijin were failed for reasons like not looking both ways twice and at their rear view mirrors at intersections. I could drive a forklift on the road but not a car.

Second time I took the test I said I would lose my job and leave the island if i didn't pass. I passed everyone else failed. ;p

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@buggerlugs. I think it meant that he was cheating on the written test, not the eye exam..And they are "eyeing" changing the way the test is done..

They are available in english (and i think also spanish, korean etc) now (the written test - 100 questions, passing grade 90!). In Japan there are no written exams on renewal.

I found it somewhat easy back when i took it (on gold driving license now).

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I passed both tests on the first try :)

So did my wife and for all practical purposes she does not know how to drive. She took classes and was given her license. Funny thing is she would have her gold card right now if she didn't forget to renew on time. She still probably will get her gold card before me and she barely knows how to start a car. ペパードライバー FTW!

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Aha. That would make much more sense... This is why I should never read and comment before I 1) have woken up properly 2) got my glasses on. The written test is easy if you mentally prepare for it. A friend told me before taking it, think in Japanese grammar but English words. That really helped make sense of the stupid translation they have. I passed first time in car/bike and big bike. It's very hard to fail so long as you follow the stupid guidelines for the test but if you deviate by one single thing...

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From what I saw on TV, this Chinese guy was part of a team. And they apparently had helped a number of other Chinese pass the written test. The guy who was caught cheating didn't even bother to read the questions, according to the test-giver who noticed the strange going-ons. And when they questioned him, he barely spoke Japanese, let alone read it. Then they discovered the tiny BB-sized pellet taped to the side of his cheek bone. Somehow the test-givers traced this back to the Japanese gang who were carrying out the operation.

So these Chinese were pretty clever when it comes to cheating on tests. Wonder how many other such operations are being carried out here in Japan ... such as in universities, schools, etc.?

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@ buggerlugs: Even if you have bad eyesight, you don't need to 'lie' about whether you wear contacts or glasses. That just doesn't make sense.

If you're converting your license (You can do this with several countries, but not with a US license) you don't need to take a test. You just have to fill out the paperwork and sit through a 2 hour video afterwards. (Only 30 minutes if you are renewing for the 3rd time).

If they allow you to take the test in different languages, I wonder why this guy went through all that trouble to cheat? Very odd.

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I think the US, China and Brazil have different requirements. But how does one take an exam and is allowed to keep their bluetooth in??? As buggerlugs said, he should have had an automatic fail, but arrest? Seems a bit a an over-reaction to me. I agree, one year punishment would be the smart rather sensible thing to do.

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The Japan Automobile Federation is considering making changes to the driver’s license exam system following a case in which a 34-year-old man cheated with the use of an in-ear bluetooth receiver. The man, who is of Chinese descent and not confident of his Japanese ability

Heres a tip why doesnt Japan become like most other modern societies and offer the driving test in multiple languages. At home they offer the test in just about ever language and if you have trouble they also can organise translators for the person but here. Oh no we cant do that. I remember going to get my license converted here and getting turned away because l didnt have a translator with me. But the test was very easy and common sense but seriously isnt it time Japan moved into the 21st century and started catering for other groups as well with this sort of thing.

installing cell phone blocking equipment in order to prevent cheating in the future.

Yeah or you could just ban phones and bluetooth devices it really isnt that hard to monitor it you know.

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