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Chestnut picks up 5th hot dog title; Kobayashi stages separate contest


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This is just too funny! Go Kobayashi!

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Kobi needs a new agent. He's giving up too much potential prize money.

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Wonder how much ESPN paid him.

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For all the publicity, it's too bad Nathan's couldn't make it in Tokyo...now I have to go all the way to Costco to get a proper hot dog!

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WOW, I didn't know this guy was banned from the sport cause he wouldn't sign a contract. That's dirty.

So Kobayashi tried to pull a Kanye and got arrested this year. I can see it now. "YO, those 62 dogs you downed, that was tight but I have the greatest record of all time at 69!!"

Then he had his own show.

Funny how they rolled in Chinese and dissed the Japanese. We're moving to China now.

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“I am disgusted watching them, in a world where we try to do our best not to overeat and become obese,” said contest viewer Eve Harrison, 42, a New York City art dealer who lives in North Salem, New York.

What an idiot. If she's "disgusted watching them" then why is she watching them?

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Yuck. There is no way I could do that. I'm not sure I'd even want to watch.

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When Kobayashi was forced to drop the mustard belt to Chestnut due to injury everyone knew this would eventually be a future battle. But with Kobayashi locked out of competition it leaves the ifoce spectators with a doggy taste in mouth.

Heads Up PPV !! Chestnut vs Kobayashi for mustard belt and future of ifoce. =Kobayashi must call Chestnut out and get this battle over once and for all. Kobayashi will put his eating career on the line (retirement if he loses) and if he wins =retribution +mustard belt comes to Japan for 1yr until Nathan's famous battle. No more politics -a true winner must be found thru battle.

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Kobayashi needs to take it a step further. Hire a third party to judge an event independent from the IFOCE and publicly challenge Chestnut to a rematch. When sufficient public interest grows, and Kobayashi holds fast, they'll find a way to have a showdown which will circumvent the IFOCE.

Get Don KIng involved (unless he isn't already). Pay per view. Allow betting in Vegas.

And if that doesn't work, there's always this: (Kobayashi in Man vs Beast):


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'“I am disgusted watching them, in a world where we try to do our best not to overeat and become obese,” said contest viewer Eve Harrison, 42, a New York City art dealer who lives in North Salem, New York.'

Then why are you glued to the TV set? Does Kobayashi look obese? Not at all! I doubt very much that Chestnut and Kobayashi eat 20,000 calories in the form of hot dogs on a daily basis -- it's a fun event. I personally find hot dogs disgusting (get the odd craving for them, though, since there are no real ones in Japan), but it's fun to read about the rivalry between Chestnut and Kobayashi, etc. It's a shame they won't let the latter compete because he won't sign a contract.

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i just hate how they try to put in all this health stuff in this article. it makes it a very hypocritical article. then you mess yourself up by talking about obesity and then showing a pic of a guy that ate 69 hot dogs and is nowhere near obese. most of the champions of eating are not obese. this kind of sport is a skill like any other sport. just eating doesnt make you fat, its a combo of eating and a lack of activity in most cases connected to food based obesity. dont blame eating, blame your inability to balance yourself.

I say if you can make money eating, more power to you. I'd be more worried about food critics than these guys. Food critics are the ones getting fat.

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Yes, I see a worldwide pay per view event between Kobayashi and Chestnut. But what do you serve for snacks during the show?

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Hot Dogs? Cow Brains?

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"I am disgusted watching them, in a world where we try to do our best not to overeat and become obese,” said contest viewer Eve Harrison, 42, a New York City art dealer who lives in North Salem, New York."

Then what the heck are you doing there watching it? Glad to see they donated 100,000 hot dogs to the food bank, but this is still a ridiculous "sport".

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Actually Kobayashi had two officials there so there's a chance the record could be counted. Nathans is just a contest, it has no bearing on any world records.

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Actually, before they turned into a "professional sport", most of these contests were, indeed, competitions between what people used to call trenchermen, huge guys who put away a vast amount of food on a daily basis, and looked at the eating competitions as little more than another meal. They seem to have long since been supplanted by these hyper-fit "pros", though, except maybe in little-known rural contests and county fairs (and the pros are invading even those, these days...).

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Obscene. Why publishing this kind of no information ?

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For all of those Japanese residents craving Nathan's hots, there's an easy solution:

Down here in Okinawa, there is a Nathan's hot dog vendor in Mihama. Come on down and get some good eats.....

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Chestnut must be pissed that Kobayashi ate 7 more hotdogs than he did in the same amount of time.

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what a stupid event. thanks America.

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Is this an another sign that our civilization is going to an end?

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This is a business dispute. Major League Eating vs Kobayashi. After his childish display at last years competition, Kobayashi created a secondary entertainment event this year.

All professional golfers play on the same course for a reason. To find out who is the best among them, on that course, on that day(s).

Kobayashi want's more money. A bigger piece of the pie, so to speak.

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