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Chiba zoo culls 57 monkeys carrying 'invasive' genes


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This makes me so angry.

Monkeys have souls?

The zoo authorities obviously don't.

If the zoo's monkeys were breeding freely with wild (invasive) monkeys, presumably the wild monkeys were able to get into the zoo, whose borders were not secure: the zoo must take responsibility for not keeping its monkeys safe.

If the aim is simply to stop the 'invasive' gene spreading, then as Reckless points out, they could have just neutered them. There is no excuse at all for killing animals just because they've become 'a problem'. As for protecting 'the indigenous environment' - the monkeys are (were) in a zoo; that's not indigenous.

culling of them is allowed under the law

Then the law is obviously an ass and a soulless fool.

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But in the 1990s, the rhesus macaque, which originates in China and Southeast Asia, started to increase in the area.

And no explanation of how or why? Since the rhesus macaques didn't enter the country illegally or overstay their visas, one can only assume they escaped from a zoo or zoos. Or maybe the good people of Chiba decided to buy them as pets, then got bored and released them into the wilds of the Boso Hanto savannah?

Either way, it's a sad end for the monkeys.

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A city official told AFP on Tuesday that Japanese law bans the possession and transport of invasive species

This is simply untrue. I had to look into the law on this a few years ago. Many turtles that used to sold in Japanese petshops have now been reclassified as invasive species, but the law doesn't ban possession of these animals. It only bans their import into Japan and makes releasing them into the wild a criminal offence punishable with a 1 million yen fine.

I suspect the zoo didn't want the extra expense of building another enclosure to separate one group of monkeys from the others and upgrading their facilities to make sure none of the monkeys could escape. It's all about the money, as it is for all zoo owners.

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It's too bad they couldn't have been taken to zoos or a safari park...at least some of them.

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To kill for this reason is animal abuse. They could be sent outside Japan to any sanctuary willing to keep and care for them.

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so lowly n inhumane life is life, by going to the temple, do they think buddha also approve what they did??

the invasive genes will get diluted in time, y worry too much?? pls dont forget the rice u eat is also not from 'pure breed'

dont be surprised by karma... (also budhist teaching)

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So the monkeys were culled based on scientific DNA testing and then they held a memorial for religious reasons. Mind blown.

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The true heart of any country can been seen by the way it treats animals. Nuff said...

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Hold on a minute! If these monkeys are mating in the wild, how is that not natural? Killing them is just wrong in every way. Just wait till this news gets out around the world just another black eye for Japan!

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Sick... as was said above they could have been neutered. No reason to kill them.

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Killing the monkeys and then praying for their souls in a religion most people here are born into but don't believe in (Shinto wedding, Buddhist funeral) is just plain cheaper than actually doing something about it that involves keeping them alive. They could have neutered them, or they could have built a separate enclosure -- and they got in there somehow to begin with. TIJ

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ARE U SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME? There are at least 1000 list of world's alien species from Ornamental trees fr south America, strawberry guava from brazil, seaweeds, brown tree snake, indian bird to name a few...are they going to destroy or these animals to sleep? I believe that each species other than our own has the right to exist and to retain their place in to this world. Each genes, species and ecosystem that makes up the earth's biological system are as important besides they were here before us.

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First monkeys, next zainichi

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Could have been much worse if bonobos rather than rhesus macaques were the 'alien invaders.'

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"A city official told AFP on Tuesday that Japanese law bans the possession and transport of invasive species, including the crossbreeds, and that culling of them is allowed under the law."

Is this an example of the Hundreds of laws having been passed recently?

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It's necessary to euthanized those cross breed Monkeys? The Zoo authority should have desexing on all cross breed monkeys. I don't think killing all cross breed Monkeys was necessary thing to do it.

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"The zoo operator held a memorial service for the monkeys at a nearby Buddhist temple to appease their souls."

Monkeys have souls?

Or the zoo operators want to ease their guilt?

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Mike LFeb. 22, 2017 - 10:53AM JST "The zoo operator held a memorial service for the monkeys at a nearby Buddhist temple to appease their souls." Monkeys have souls? Or the zoo operators want to ease their guilt?

In Buddhism, yes.

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A snow monkey is a snow monkey...... This is the most heinous story of gene prejudice I have ever heard. They could have been transported to zoos where their ancestors originated from at any rate. how base and backwards to kill over genes........ A snow monkey??? oh how brave to get rid of a gene...... real sick I say....

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yeah its beginning to sound like a conspiracy to me !!!like, why would they just kill them all willy nilly??!!? they must have tested somethingn on them and didnt want any evidence. more investigation please. and stop wasting tax payers money!!!!!!

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The zoo operator held a memorial service for the monkeys at a nearby Buddhist temple to appease their souls, he added.

What indication do they have that the monkeys were Buddhist? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Totally unnecessary. Easy way out to solve issue then spend money and time relocating. Sounds awfully similar to the old elephant that died when zoo director refused to relocate it to a sanctuary. Wouldn't doubt it if it was euthanized. What was the cause of death? Does anyone know? Yes she was old but It seemed to have died all of a sudden after her plight received international outrage. Shame on them.

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How convenient! A great way to get the room for more monkeys, isn't it? They must have had these monkeys for a long time. Why only now did they decide to kill them? As stated above, they have been desexed. But, no! Just kill them all! This zoo just wants space for new monkeys!

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Cleo get in touch with your police connections. Maybe they can have the zoo managers hauled before the courts for murder.

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more tax payer money wasted! the monkeys should have been let out into the mountains or somthin! i pay enough taxes not to pay for this!

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