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Chicago flight to China diverted to Narita due to 'unruly passenger'


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this article is so lacking in info. JT- please

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Then, in my opinion, it's a waste of time, ink, effort to be printing such article when really there's no news on it.

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google translate of an article:

According to the Chiba prefectural police Narita International Airport department, an American male said he tried to open a cockpit while flying, and dropped the man at the airport.

According to a contact from the airline to the police station, the man is said to be around 60's, he says, "I drank more medicines, I do not remember trying to open the door of the cockpit." The flight departed for Hong Kong after 10 PM.

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Nice article. There's not enough information to know what happened, but enough words to promote people making assumptions.

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Not JT's fault for lack of info. I check other (USA) sources. All exactly the same. Copy/Paste

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Regardless, that passenger is going to pay out of the wazoo for this. He has to foot the bill for the 'emergency' stop.

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Maybe too much to drink.

I was at Haneda last week and there was this really drunk passenger (not sure which country, but was speaking English). He sat on the security conveyer belt , and was speaking loudly in the faces of the Japanese passengers directly behind him. The local security staff started to pat him down and open his bags, and I noticed another passenger inform the police, which surrounded him after the security check point. Not sure what happened to him after.

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"Police were called to investigate a disturbance."

Excellent investigative journalism, my word!

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This junkie (or alcoholic, whatever) needs a good punishment for ruining the travel plans of many hundred other passengers!!! If you can't control yourself (with or without the "help" of drugs), you have nothing to do in a tight airplane, where people can't wait for their boring cramped trip to end... I do hope they charge him in full the extra fuel and landing costs (about 30.000 -50.000 USD on a plane that big)...

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Let's not be so quick to throw the book at people!

You never know what kind of disorder someone may have, schizophrenia, PTSD, panic attacks, etc, they may also have inadvertently consumed too much alcohol without realizing that alcohol affects the body much more severely in a low-air-pressure-environment compared to sea level.

Cut the guy a break until more info is known.

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