Children from Fukushima town get visit from Santa


Displaced children from the Fukushima Prefecture town of Futaba got a pleasant surprise on Wednesday when Santa Claus visited them in Saitama.

Santa, who is in Japan from Finland, has been visiting children affected by the March 11 disaster. He handed out candy to 40 children from Futaba at Kisai school in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Santa made a special visit to the school back in July and promised the children then that he would come back before Christmas. One of the children asked Santa what food he likes. Santa said he likes "nikuman" (manju with meat filling) and kombu onigiri (kelp rice balls).

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Santa Claus is not from Finland, peeps, and I don't know how or why that ever got started. If he lived in Finland (I realize we're referring to a fictional character) wouldn't kids bug the bejeezus out of him all year 'round?

Anyway, good that the kids of the affected areas are getting a bit of holiday cheer. Lord knows they can use it.

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Some sock company just did a survey in osaka and 51 percent of women in their 20's said they believe Santa is real. Just read it in the paper.

I would have loved to see the kiddies faces. I was Santa at a kindergarten yesterday and it took 3 minutes for one little beggar to call out my name. Lol seems the younger kids are less gullible.

I hope all the little ones in Fukushima have a happy christmas surrounded by love and smiles.

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Santa is SO from Finland, and kids would bug him throughout the year were it not for the fact that his village of Korvatunturi can be found only by good kids, so you wouldn't know about it and santa will fill your socks with sand and rice and sticks so THERE!

(^-^)/ Happy christmas! Mine is sure to be, anyway!

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