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Children to be given priority for iodine tablets against radiation


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When Japan was hit by a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, iodine tablets stored at municipal governments were not effectively used.

I would very much like to know the truth behind this particular euphemism.

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Tell me again how nuclear power is cheap and safe.

Its quite odd odd that the spike in thyroid cancer in the children of Fukushima since the man-made disaster has been buried with no further mention. Could it be that the Japanese government is covering it up? Could it be so?

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There is a proverb in English about no use in shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

This horse left years ago; the stable is overgrown and falling apart.

Quick reaction practice starting now for the next time around!

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Experts are expected to discuss whether it is reasonable to reflect the WHO recommendations in the NRA's manual on the pre-distribution of iodine tablets.

Are they living in an alternative world? Is it reasonable to reflect a world standard in the NRA manual? What's to discuss? After the experts tinker with it, it will be confusing and so complex in the event of use, by the time they unravel the guidelines with another expert panel it will be another seven years waisted.

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I would very much like to know the truth behind this particular euphemism.

Despite substantial stocks of iodine tablets being held locally in the Fukushima area specifically for this purpose, the tablets were not issued to anyone as no authority was given to do so. This failure will result in a number of cases of cancer.

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They probably should hand them out with school lunches...

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Thank you, Mizuame. I feared as much.

So, some of those in charge during this disaster had no authority to save children's lives, while others had the authority to ensure that children died, ie the schoolchildren who were told not to evacuate to higher ground. We need to express more righteous anger in this country.

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Just put in the soy sauce (replace the regular salt with iodized). Confused how these tablets can allow one to live and work in radiation. Why don't those in cleanup take 2 or 3 tablets and not wear radiation suits?

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@mizuame - bureaucrats were waiting for approval - exactly

at the same time there was a shortage of medicines, despite adequate stocks in Tokyo and Osaka, as would be expected of a major pharmaceutical manufacturing nation. Hospitals and clinics were crying out for help,. but waterlogged fax machines and broken phone lines meant orders were not going through, delivery drivers would not go to the area, and helicopters were not allowed to fly low to drop goods off.

Japan is very efficient when everything works and goes by the plan, but absolutely hopeless when there is no plan, or the plan breaks down; a lack of flexible and creative thinking is apparent.

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Doesnt surprise me no one knew what to do. Just like the radiation fax that went unnoticed from the former government.

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juminRhee, just look up iodine and radiation, and you'll see what effect they have during any initial nuclear disaster.

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The Japanese government prevaricated and failed to stop the spread of contamination which found its way to Shikoku, Shimane and Fukuoka by negligence or design.

Wrong information may have placed people in Fukushima in the path of contamination.

The failure to evacuate citizens in good time occurred too late in the wake of the disaster.

In the event of another disaster don’t wait to be told-get far away from the area!

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WTF, is this how JAPAN admits it SCREWED UP & some kids now have CANCER without actually admitting it!!

Seriously MESSED up, this is SIMPLE distribute the pills NOW so people have them  to USE at their discretion! SIMPLE DONE!

This is just like WWII history, Japan is loath to admit anything its done wrong, big surprise..... NOT!

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@GW, yes this is Japan, warped logic and cognotive dissonance, pretty disgraceful really. Lets not forget that the Japanese government purposely spread contaminated cesium laden food around Japan after 3-11 to save face and give everyone the impression it was all hunky dory....

..and what do the public think?, nothing..just blank stares when u talk about it all.... pretty messed up indeed.

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But some municipal governments have yet to hand out the tablets to all residents, including children who are more vulnerable to radiation exposure.

Thus ensuring the children get cancer. What a travesty

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The children should have been moved out never to return. The whole area should be cordoned off for a few hundred years. Since the scientific literacy and engineering required to keep the reactors under check for that long are going to need a dedicated workforce, setup a local town to do that with that responsibility. Not everything is a hot spot so that would be the place for it. Other than that, evacuate the area

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I'm confused. (sarcasm) Didn't we just see an English video giving a tour for the world to see regarding how safe it is? Contradiction after Contradiction. When will people wake up and see the reality of this man made disaster and the misinformation to the public?

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