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China coast guard drives away Japanese vessels from disputed waters in the East China Sea


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They are only disputed by China. The CCP is being a bully and doesn't like hearing all the bad things the entire world, except 10 authoritarian countries, say about China and their behavior.

These weren't Japanese Coast Guard vessels. They were Japanese fishing boats in Japanese waters.

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Yeh, the Japanese should just cede them to China-easy option!

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Sounds like a job for a more heavily armed coast guard.

These islands are Japanese and that is how they are going to stay.

(But a postumous middle finger to Ishihara for unfreezing what had been a quiet understanding to agree to disagree. Thanks, Shin-chan. This was the biggest mistake of your Govenorship and THAT is raising the bar pretty damn high."

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Sounds like a job for a more heavily armed coast guard.

Sounds like a job for big brother america...who japan pays trillions of yen to protect them.

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Fishermen and boaters need to organize and make this a daily occurrence within multiple times. Change the times throughout the day. Communist China's illegal occupation and stopping legal transport. Communist China military will not be able to continue to enforce by doing daily excursions. Start lawsuits against Communist China's corporations since they are partners and funded by Communist China's military. Worldwide lawsuits against Communist China's corporations in every country to start legally taking property from these Communist China military partner corporations There are a million ideas of collapsing Communist China, these are only a few.

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