China complains Japan's air, sea surveillance raises safety risks


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no need for scrambles if you dont go near somebody elses territory.

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What the heck do the Chinese expect? They keep intruding in Japanese air and sea space ... which creates all kinds of tensions in the concerned areas. If the Chinese would stop such intrusions there would be no such "safety risks."

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They or UN should work out No-fly- zone to avoid safety risks.

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This is like my neighbor is complaining about my surveillance device. I need to set it up because they are thretening my family. . My neighbor has no surveifllance problems as we do not invade their property. . We leave themf alone in peace.

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So they're building a new air field on reclaimed land... you know, to avoid increasing the risks?

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in a statement faxed to Reuters

I remember a persistent sales company in Tokyo used to keep sending me their ads by fax. I told them to stop advertising at my expense. They wouldn't so I taped some paper together to make a loop and faxed it to them...

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The only reason japanese jets are scrambled is when chinese military planes fly directly toward japanese air space or even incur into it. And therefore they are gorced to in the intetest of its own national safety, what does China pretend?

That Japan should allow the incursions?

China is frustrated because Japan has demonstrated surprisingly speedyreaction ability and Chinese military have not been able to pull a covert mission over Japan at all even tbough it continually tries to,

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Sounds very much like a would-be thief/robber complaining to the police about being followed and threatening their 'safe passage' to the intended house where he/they planned to commit a crime.

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Talk about hypocrisy, how many times has china invaded others airspace, they just seem to constantly file false complaints, Japan has a right to defend and monitor it's borders and protect it's interests from hostile actions from the Chinese.

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Chinese gov is just looking for a way to stay in power. This just part of their tactics for that end only. Why don't you tell them the truth and apologise to your own people.

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The hypocrisy of the PRC knows no limits. Perhaps some of these fishing vessels that "accidentally" go into other countries' waters should be "accidentally" blown out of the water.

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In other ironic news, China demanded an end to pirated movies and wanted free elections around the world

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Another laughable comment coming from China.

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"In recent years, Japanese ships and aircraft have often followed and monitored for lengthy periods and at close distances Chinese ships and aircraft, threatening the safety of the Chinese side,' it said.

"This is the cause of the safety issue in the seas and air between China and Japan," the ministry added.

Yes, I agree with what China is saying only in that they (the Chinese) are saying that Japan's ships and planes are NOT allowing the Chinese to spy 'safely' undetected and undisturbed to do whatever pleases them.

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Here is an interesting article from record china, they claim that as soon as a Chinese fighter jet takes off from the near by airstrip a JASDF interceptor makes a scramble take off and wondering the difference in radar specs.

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It seems China can't bully Japan like the other south east Asian countries who can't afford to meet China's silly tactics.

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