China 'highly vigilant' over Japanese fighters flying over disputed islands


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Once, maybe just for one time, can you please provide more balanced news reporting?

Yep. For a more balanced article they should also mention that China has invaded and taken over East Turkestan and Tibet and China's current southward expansion is in line with its continuing policy of acquiring territories through the use of force.

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Amazing that the Communist Party Of China continues to make these idiotic statements, when the whole world knows what you have done to Tibet.

Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine and the USA ... please do not give these crooks on more inch.

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LOL@China. They start sending planes over these islands for the very first time from 13 December 2012. The international community scratch their heads in puzzlement.

The domestic Chinese press announce in a matter of fact voice to the Chinese population: "Today we sent a Chinese maritime plane on a routine patrol over our islands. Imagine our surprise when those dastardly Japanese sent aggressive fighter planes into our territory. This reminds us that the Japanese have not changed at all since WW2!"

Now this is what is scary. The population of China reads and believes this stuff 100%...

...and I now have trouble forcing myself to read the Chinese online papers, for just this reason.

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Row BurDec. 28, 2012 - 09:41AM JST The Chinese view things differently to the western paradigm.Aggression takes many forms.Compared to the hundreds of invasions and "police actions" perpetrated by the US since '45,China is quite the international gentleman.

Why would you try and compare the PRC to the US when the US has nothing to do with the topic? You should of compared the PRC to Japan.

When you rightly compare the PRC to Japan you will see that the PRC is a warmongering thug nation.

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It will never happen. china can keep swatting at the wasp nest if they want to, but nothing good will come of it.

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More of the same.

“The Japanese side is using military aircraft to interfere with planes on normal patrol in undisputed Chinese airspace,” said Shi Qingfeng, director general of the Administration Office of the State Oceanic Administration, the agency whose ships patrol disputed waters in the South and East China Seas.....

so says China.

well hmmm, the use of "normal" and "undisputed" is frankly ludicrous. The only people calling aggresive provocative incursions into soverign Japanese airspace is China, and the only country saying that it is undisputed that it is China's airspace is China. No matter how many times you may say the Moon is made of Cheese it sadly will not be edible or based on Dairy products. :)

What is amazing is that China appears to think, by the fact that they keep doing the same thing and saying the same things, that people will believe them, now or ever. Wake up China the bully. the Islands belong to Japan. End of story.

And KevininJapan, um, well, i dont know what to tell you. You aren't going to get China's propaganda repeated here, this is a good and impartial news site.

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“The Japanese side is using military aircraft to interfere with planes on normal patrol in undisputed Chinese airspace,” said Shi Qingfeng"

The PRC is trying to invade Japanese islands and the PRC is upset with the Japanese response, too funny.

Next the PRC will land troops in Okinawa and will be upset if Japan does anything.

The PRC's goal is complete control of the Pacific, stop them now or face them later, best to stop them now.

Removal of Artical 9 is the most important thing Prime MInister Abe can do.

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China must stop lying. The man who steals my wallet is not allowed to show the pictures of my wife and children as if they are his. The Red Chinese stole the Qing dynasty. They have no right to whatever else the Qing dynasty owned which was stolen by another thief, in this case, Japan. Two thieves. Now, the big thief wants what the little thief stole. You idiots. Stop it before we enter global war.

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Kevininjapan, what world are you living in?

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Compared to the hundreds of invasions and "police actions" perpetrated by the US since '45,China is quite the international gentleman.

Between China's invasion/'liberation' of Tibet, bellicose stance on Taiwan, invasion of Vietnam, backing of (and fighting with) the aggressors in the Korean War, I'm finding this one hard to swallow. Though the PRC hasn't been as much of a player on the world stage since 1945, owing to internal turmoil and and failed policies that resulted in the deaths of millions of Chinese domestically.

I'm not saying that China is looking for war here; I think they realize that all out war would be catastrophic for their economy. They are pushing their might as far as they can and waiting for Japan to blink. But the ideas that the PRC is a largely benign actor and that problems in Asia (and elsewhere in the world) are largely of US making is just fiction.

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Amazing that the Communist Party Of China continues to make these idiotic statements, when the whole world knows what you have done to Tibet.

Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and the USA ... please do not give these crooks one more inch.

NB Correcting the auto-correction above.

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China can stay as "vigilant" as they long as they do not send military planes or vessels to the Senkakus. The United States has already told China what will happen if they do that. All part of the slow and deliberate process of taking over other nations' territories, using state controlled (Maritime Surveillance Agency) vessels and planes to avoid appearing like an invasion. Effectively that' exactly what it is, to keep violating waters and airspace while claiming it's theirs until the other side gives in.

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bannedacctsamDec. 28, 2012 - 11:08AM JST The US will not go to bat for Japan and send in US soldiers to fight the Chinese if violence breaks out between China >and Japan over the Senkaku Islands for the following reasons

Total nonsense that even the Chinese government does not believe. Proof? Have we seen any PLA Navy ships or planes at the Senkakus? Or do they take care not to trigger a U.S. response? Anyone who thinks that the US will allow China to militarily take part of a Japanese prefecture that houses the largest US military base in Asia needs to get their heads examined,

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" The Chinese government. Logic of a 3 year old......"

Hey! That's an insult to three-year-olds!

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Actually, to back up what jianadaren says above, I find most Chinese exchange students I meet here in Japan to be very human and open and well aware of the political situation. Sad, but aware.

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Chinese are becoming aggressive more and more each day. This is simply escalting to become a full scale war!! Obviously world's no.1 economy and world's no. 3 economy does not want to give more breathing space to world's no. 2 economy otherwise results are not gonna be good for rest of the world. China wants to become like US but that will never happen and China needs a kick in butt if they keep bullying other countries for territorial disputes.

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Why didn't the Chinese didn't nationalize the islands years ago, if they think they own them? So "now" their interested?

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Xiao 吸我的陰莖, sometimes the more vividly we imagine a war, the more we actually bring it on.

I would like to imagine that China is playing brinkmanship and that both sides are adult enough not to make a silly mistake.

The problem is that modern China, built out of a collection of previously warring nations who had to invade or be invaded, now has a) lots of money, b) huge and growing armed forces c) scant regard for sacrificing human life and d) too much confidence and pride. Combine those with volatile internal conflict and social problems, a desire for more marine resources, a recent history of discrimination and a desire for revenge, and she is a dangerous entity for neighboring countries.

I think the latter two are just convenient excuses though.

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Chinese credibility is going down!

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The Chinese government. Logic of a 3 year old......

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jianadaren, an interesting and informative post. Thank you. :clap:

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Just found this. Wonder if the PRC will refute it.

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" in undisputed Chinese airspace,”

In denial much, Charlie?

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"undisputed Chinese airspace,”

Clearly, it's disputed. I wonder how many more passive-aggressive moves remain on both sides... Neither side has tried opening up a lemonade stand on the islands yet, so I would guess quite a few.

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these islands are very valuable in taking over Taiwan and the first step in annexing japan

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kevininjapan, you can give up your day job.

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You will find reading the Party mouthpieces distressing, for sure. But that doesn't mean all Chinese buy into it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say most people that do read such drivel take it with a grain of salt.

CCTV is a laughing stock among the Chinese - and the Global Times, Xinhua, et al, are written by Party suck-ups. Not many Chinese are willing to stand up to their government for fear of imprisonment. That's the truly sad state of affairs here. And it very well could get worse before it gets better.

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China has been increasingly flexing its military and political influence in the western Pacific, forcefully asserting territorial claims while it builds up its military forces. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also claim parts of the South China Sea.

Diaoyu/ Senkaku as well as Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands were all handed over to Taiwan(ROC) by Japan after WWII due to " treaty of taipei" signed by ROC and Japan, witnessed by the US. Clearly all these islands legally belong to Taiwan. Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam never owned any of them before 1945! All of them are small crying pitty pirates. So even there is any problem between China and Taiwan for the same, no others are welcome to put their greedy hands here, thanks!

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Whatever nation flag is flying on the rocks on that Islets. Taiwanese fishermen have been come and go as they pleased. It has been more than two centuries Unlike PRC surveillance ship, they are purely civilians and their weapons are fishing knives and nets. As far as fish are there, their business will be as usual.

It is their ancestor fishing rights and no one will be able to stop them.

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China is a joke. They're all sound and fury, signifying nothing. They are noise, not substance. They will try to make you believe their lies and fabrications. Senkaku belongs to Japan. Make no mistake about that. If you concede one inch to China, we will lose all respect for you. You will have lost face. We will owe you nothing regarding a mutual security arrangement.

Lose one inch, and you no longer have the support or trust of the American public. Sekaku is Japanese. It was wrested from the Qing dynasty. If there is ever a Qing emperor who wishes to contest the sovereignty of the Senkakus, let him step forward. If Red China bases its claims to the Senkakus on the Qing dynasty, then they have already lost, because the Qing emperor ceded the islands to Japan in 1895. If China is the heir to the Qing dynasty, then let China respect the Qing's decision regarding Japan's sovereign rights to the Senkakus.

China is a joke. Believe their bullshit, and you're a fool. Japan needs the Senkakus, because Japanit has no oil and gas and is no longer willing to rely on nuclear energy. The Senkaku Islands have more oil and gas than any country would ever need to power its industries to provide competitively priced products to the world. Japan, as a first world nation, cannot survive without the Senkakus.

Meanwhile, China is just so much noise without substance. It's a cowardly bully in the making. Now is the time to smack it in the nose.

Your Loving Son,

John LaChance

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Enough with this China invading Japan thing, in the WWII Japan invaded China and killed a fraction of its population, unless we recognise that the media will always play us for fouls. We need to learn from history cause if war breaks out, our childern will die with us.... comprehend that. Your family members being shot in battle, its not nice and to fight over territory is even more silly.

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I wonder if theres an internal truce between politicians saying " hey psssst. Now you send 4 boats and i will send 4 planes " teheee

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let's say the war does happen, so what then? will it be a sudden death or will it be a long and grueling battle? will the communist party of china be changed or will it be completely eliminated? will there be an agreement on who owns what rock in the sea? too many things in consideration before the must, but one thing is for sure, if the united nations does not make a united stand against this issue, this might as well be the start of the predicted end of the world given the megatons of weapons these countries have mustered for war.

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China, get your vigilance on.

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The US will not go to bat for Japan and send in US soldiers to fight the Chinese if violence breaks out between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands for the following reasons :

1) The Chinese owns to much of US debt. If the Chinese gov't dump US bonds, it will detrimental effects on the dollar and US economy.

2) US public has no appetite for a new war.

3) The US businesses that has relationships with China will not allow a war with China over the Senkaku issue.

4) South Korea - as much as the Korean distrust the Chinese they dislike the Japanese Govt more.

The US will only offer diplomatic support to Japan regarding China on the Senkaku issues.

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Japan’s Defense Ministry has acknowledged scrambling F-15 jets on several occasions in recent weeks

never knew becase it was never reported here.

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Dear JT,

Once, maybe just for one time, can you please provide more balanced news reporting? For instance, why is China's disputes with other countries brought up while Japan's got omitted? If those are so relavent, ow about China's record in successful settlement of territorial disputes through negotiation vs Japan's? Isn't this, also, maybe a lot more relavent? China has never rejected but welcome negotiations over all of the disputes you mentioned and what is the stance of Japan? Isn't this a good piece to be reviewed as well?

Maybe you have also noticed, unlike Japan, in none of the disputes has China used military but I guess this will make China look too nice. Let's just assume Japan is all peace even if her military jets are chasing after Chinese civilian plane far away from her territories, even disputed territories, should we say. Oh, has JT has ever reported that SDF jets do the same only when others', Russian's, fly a lot closer? Never mind, it didn't start with C after all.

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By end of Spring, the following events will happen: -The mighty USA will step in as 'a friend of both countries' -US troops will be sent to the islands -a 'friendly fire' incident will occur, in which the USA will cry 'terrorism'. The reality would be that the mighty USA will have fired the shots -North Korea will then defend its ally China; thus prompting the typical incorrect USA response, to bomb the country that attacked 'unprovoked', this time it's NK -Canada, the next world power, says fnck it, and launches the nuclear bombs that no one knew they had. -etc, etc, etc

I'm an American expat, that left because I didn't love it

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China has, historically, used trade and technology to great effect in their efforts to gain power and influence on the world stage. The Chinese view things differently to the western paradigm.Aggression takes many forms.Compared to the hundreds of invasions and "police actions" perpetrated by the US since '45,China is quite the international gentleman.

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