China plans to send surveyors to disputed islands


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Wow. These islands have been an integral part of China for like a Billion years and they don't even have a map of it and need to do this now? Sure makes me believe they've been Chinese since "Ancient Times".

But really, I don't think that's a smart idea. They are going to get arrested and deported and China is going to use it as an excuse to smash more Japanese restaurants, stores and cars at best or tart WWIII at worst. In fact, if anything it will force Japan to put people/structure on the islands first to prevent it, but then, China will use that to smash more Japanese restaurants, cars and stores at best or start WWIII at worst. Frankly if Japan hadn't acted so "nice" to China since 1972 and simply built on them earlier, even a civilian .lighthouse, China wouldn't be playing this game today.

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I hope japan can just email a copy of there maps to China for a reasonable price.

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Japan should put economic sanctions on China.

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When a bully threatens you, marshal your forces and stand up to him. Japan cannot keep running away from a fight. The best defense is a good offense. Why don't you find some reason to claim a part of China and then do the same thing to them that they're doing to you. After all, isn't there a part of China that belonged to the Emperor of Japan? Claim it.

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China should give her priority on her social problems such as poverty, air polution, transportation, health care, etc... and not care about stealing other countries`s lands.

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Survey it for resources. We all know china is in it for the money. China your really crazy! Hello! It belongs to Japan! If you want it be honest! Don't make up fairy tales about the ancient times! Buy it from Japan!

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Japan should give her priority on her social problems such as poverty, aging population, youth unemployment, health care, etc... and not care about islands in the middle of no-where.

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Interesting development. Now why would China make such a statement at this time? Could it be anything else than a rather cleaver provocation. It must be about increasing the stakes.They state that: We are surveying our seabed and now we are giving you the heads up for extended surveys on land. The only thing missing is the consideration for Japan. I wonder which part is not interested in negotiating.

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My hope is that we can get under way under conditions where the situation is relatively good and the survey teams physical safety can be assured, Li said.

Safer options for China are:

Satellite survey, Google Earth or hacking US/Japan archives.

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Go ahead...Try to land on the Senkaku's and the JCG will be right there to detain & deport them the second they cross the 12 Mile Zone.

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Japan should give her priority on her social problems such as poverty, aging population, youth unemployment, health care, etc...

The same can be said of China. With so many problems plaguing Chinese society, why is China putting so much effort into seizing "islands in the middle of no-where." It's because the islands are in a strategic location relative to Okinawa and Taiwan.

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Wait, China claims them but hasn't even properly surveyed them? Something fishy there, eh?

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This situation is like a bad sitcom with China as the protagonist constantly doing the absurd just to keep an otherwise dead show alive.

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China also makes it sound like just a fun little adventure by saying they are there to map caves and all with no mention that Japan is prepared to kick them off.

How are they going to guarantee their safety? And safety from what? These statements are a little wild and scary (like most Chinese statements) considering the reference really is to guarantee their safety from Japan.

My bet, they never set foot on the islands. The JCG catches them and deports them. It will result in a bigger controversy because they will be Chinese government personnel rather than fishermen being ordered to go their by the government.

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"Japan should put economic sanctions on China." LMAO

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Japan are so unreasonable! here are some iterms support it:

1.It is impossible that These islets had no onwer before 1895, even the South Pole had been explored at that time, how can these islands left untouched? Besides, China has provided the evidence that these islands had been explored.

2.It is normal Even China had not claimed on these islands , because they are too small to have the need to make the claim. The need is only come when Japan wanted to possess them. Few country named or claimed on every single islets arround them, even Japan just claimed hundreds of islets last year, does this means these islets that claimed last year could be claimed by other nations ? you may say of course not, so why the same logic can't be these disputes islands?

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3.Japanese widely believe that these islands were handed over to them in the San Francisco peace treaty. But what kind of treaty it is? these treaties were just for cold war, and extremely not fair, how could the treaty makers handed over other nation's territory to Japan that not belonged to them? why they just handed over them selves territories to Japan? What kind of absurd thing can overtake this? This is why China will not take these disputes to the international court, because even now those counties are still the main numbers there, who can believe them will do the fair thing this time?

4.Japan believe the fact that the US handed over these islands to Japan. but actually, the US can never be the onwer of these islands, not now, not then, It doesn't matter how many US people died there, actually even the whole American people died there, it is illegal to take the islands by the US, let alone handed them to Japan. Here is an potential logic that most Japanese beleve that the US won the war so they took the island and changed the onwer of the islands to the US. Here hides two question: a). At that time, these islands were not belong to Japan. b). the theory come to legal : The onwer of the territory can be change by winning a war. If the onwer of territories can be changed by war and all the nations believe this, where will the peace reside in? every nation can trigger wars to take territories from others.

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5.China never want to claim ALL the territories in Asia, let alone the whole world. But we can hear of these kinds of words every day from the mouth of Japanese. How radical and unreasonable is that? All the territories that China is claiming now are those belong to China before and are token by others, nothing more, Can you provide an instance against this? If you can't , just shut up! Actually it is Japanese want to claim territories that may not belong to Japan with at least three counties.

I know my opinions will be opposed by many people, but before doing that provide your reasonable reason here. and I am always delighted to discuss this with you reasonablly. Another request, dont be stubborn be reasonable.

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Japan should seriously propose the relocation of Futenma airbase to these islands...

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China always means what she said or never speaks it out.

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China always means what she said or never speaks it out.

If Chinese survey team, probably escorted by infantry, land on Senkaku, a war between Japan and China is inevitable. Is that what China want?

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The islands lie amid rich fishing grounds and a potential wealth of natural gas and other undersea mineral resources.

and this resource poor country Japan never paid any attention to it for so many years ?!

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All the territories that China is claiming now are those belong to China before and are token by others, nothing more

And before China took it, another country had it. IRobin, you are basically saying, "If a piece of land belongs to China once, it always belongs to China." People in other counties would not agree to such logic, especially in light of the imperialistic history of China.

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That is what Japan want. Because Japan won't return the territories robbed from others.

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I just think it's ironic that China does not have any maps for islands they consider to be an integral piece of their territory since ancient times. Perhaps it is because, before the 1970s, they never considered the islands to be part of China?

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Well IRobin states a lot of things. However I can only see one idea in all of the text. China is always right and everyone else are wrong. As CH3CHO stated, Chinas historical argument is hopeless. At some point in time this must be realized by Chinas officials. Since some time back and at present Japan has the right to Senkakus, and China, if interested in the area, should seek negotiation about joint exploration, not sovereignty. If China contribute with economic muscles Japan can contribute with explorationrights and tech. It would be nice if they stopped waisting everyones time with hopeless claims.

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Ah, your way of thinking is way too small time to understand the bigger picture.

...if you look back enough into the past the whole universe is Chinese. :)

Here's the evidence...

Who saw the big dipper first? Findings in a grave somewhere in China can prove that the Chinese saw it first.

*to be continued in an intergalactic war 100,000 years from today.

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"China is always right and everyone else are wrong", This kinds of thoughts also can be found in Japan especially when to prove these islets belong to Japan, right? Another issue is this kinds of opinion is too unreasonable, "everyone else are wrong", why you said this? Who told you? and what is your provement?

I am highly agree with you on the resolutions you provided. That's what China is going for. This is very Great!

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"If a piece of land belongs to China once, it always belongs to China."

This kinds of conclusion is unreasonable, and will bring wars to the world. Actually, most territories all over the world agree with agreements. Both or all nations involved have agreed to the borders, this kinds situations are widely accepted.

Your opinions here are too unreasonable.

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