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China plans to use drones to conduct surveillance over disputed isles


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Not really going to help with the whole "militaristic aggression" rep the Chinese seem to be cultivating.

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They'll be cheap and unreliable, as usual.

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Expect tons of debris to start falling from the sky!

PRC "experts" driving manless drones, now that's going to be funny.

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Problem is, China is having trouble getting the drone to, y’know, work. At least China's propaganda keeps working.

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"Made in China?"

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Right. That proved China is not a war monster like Japan. So don't worry Asians. Our worry is Japan. History repeat.

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Actually, it would just prove that China is an incompetent war monster, but that is neither here nor there. Japan hasn't made the slightest action that could be seen as militaristic aggression. China is doing everything it can to dance on the line. This is really a no-win game for China. At best, claiming that a bunch of fishing ships is a 1000 boat flotilla would be seen as a rather childish attempt at aggrandizement. What are they going to do for a drone, if they don't actually have a working one? Hopefully they do, or their credibility as a global player is going to sink even lower than it already is. Drone technology isn't simple, but it isn't overwhelmingly complicated (like coordinating fishing boats). If China succeeds, they get a somewhat disinterested nod of recognition. If they fail, there will be embarrassed eye-rolling in the ready rooms of the other first-world nations for failing at something so relatively basic. If they attempt to bluff, like they did with the fishing boats...well, in the global world, you don't bluff. The stakes are way too high. Ask Hussein about that.

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Remote control planes of 0.99 cents!

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If Japan didn't make drones illegal in the country, practically any engineering facility could be used to make very simple solutions. My two favorite are the autonomous jammer (simply get a drone or ship near another and jam GPS/control frequencies) and the GPS spoofer (use a cantenna or better thing to send fake GPS signals and make the drone crash itself)

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Remote control planes of 0.99 cents!

Attached with a pinhole, 380TVL, 2.4hz, CCD camera good for 300 feet line of sight:)

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Chinese drones = members of the communist party :-) I couldn't believe it when the article said 'unmanned'...

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They'll copy that guy in the UK who used a stryrofoam box and balloon to get high altitude photos.

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In any event, get the defensive missiles ready. Gotta blow them drones outa the sky. Got enough stuff up there peering down on us.

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edojinSep. 25, 2012 - 05:37PM JST

In any event, get the defensive missiles ready. Gotta blow them drones outa the sky. Got enough stuff up there peering down on us.

Don't bother, knowing their fake defense chips and shoddy servos, the drones will fall before they ever reach Japanese airspace.

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So I guess now Japan knows what Pakistan and those other countries feel like with all of the American drones??

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Maybe not, they probable use Japanese technology...and I leave in the middle how they got that technology....

Snotface: They'll be cheap and unreliable, as usual.

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Western and Japanese Companies have to take a blame for Communist monster wake up and aggressive toward peaceful world. Communist Chinese leaders never thinking about new found wealth on its poor peoples. US and Western Governments are wrong if they still thinking Communist Chinese leaders attitude will change. Now victims of Communist Chinese new found wealth is its neighbors. Japan needs to prepare for defense by Communist Chinese aggression.

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Kobuta ChanSep. 26, 2012 - 12:41AM JST

Western and Japanese Companies have to take a blame for Communist monster wake up and aggressive toward >peaceful world.

Well yes and no. I would say we were all waiting for Communism to collapse in China the way it did in eastern European countries. Assuming with wealth comes education and a desire for more freedom; history will go its way and those totalitarian regimes would just disappear on their own. I know it's very simplified but it's the basic thinking.

It unfortunately did not go that way in China. Look at what happens when the people riot but for democracy instead of against Japan.

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