China rebukes Japan after both sides' planes fly near islands


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Now another step forward, it's no longer boring. But how come Japan's Defense Ministry declined to comment?

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Both sides need to stop and take a breath. The situation is heading out of control. The Chinese stated that they are willing to meet Abe half way but Abe refuses. Return the island to the private owner which may give the Chinese and Japanese a way out and face face Return to the status quo before Japanese government purchased the island. Abe can claim the island still belongs to Japan and China can claim that both sides are returning to status quo.

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Another heart breaker, its should have been a good fight, J10 vs F15. Start shootin you two, don't be a spoilsport. I don't think one small good fight will lead to WW3.

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The F15 is not a Lamborghini or a Ferrari use it as what it is made for, blast those junk Chinese fighter jets into pieces.

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Without Japan's invasion, there will be no communist in China. And now the communist has big problems , and Japan is good for them to shift attention, to maintain the communism party!!! Why Japan always help communist ????? If the war starts, please defeat China and then the communist will be abandoned in China.

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Currently , the communism in China is going to lose the legality. It has destroyed everything and people don't trust it any more. The officers are extremely corrupt and the environment is polluted... the media is controlled.. people's mind/intelligence are not restricted...... By set Japan as an enemy, Japan help the communism to maintain the legality. Anyway, I am a Chinese.. I don't like communist.. Any way that could destroy the communist is good for me... But I don't think Diaoyu belong to Japan, this is another story..

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But I don't think Diaoyu belong to Japan, this is another story..

Any hard evidence that abjectly you can let us know?

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@Chamkun Do you think docs are really meaningful to this issue now ??? that is too naive.. I can provide you a lot , but it is meaningless now... So I won't... I can assure you that 100 percent Chinese agree that the islands belong to China. And they won't bother to start a war if situation goes worse Three reasons that this issue could lead to military conflict: 1) The communist has encountered big problems in China. And it seems that it is difficult to solve the domestic problems by itself. In order to keep ruling, it need to pick up an enemy and demonstrate its legality. Japan is good to be that one 2) The historical issue between China and Japan is not solved. Japan need to regret for what he has done sincerely. PM'S Visiting that temple is a good way to hurt your neighbor. I believe a lot of Chinese will join the war for the historical reasons. Historical reason matters a lot. 3) Japan has its own problems. Japan suffer from economy 's growth, disaster, .. but China is gaining more influence , Definitely, Japan won't feel good about that.. The Gov will gain support if they oppose China... more and more support

Generally , ishihara pick up the wrong time and the GOJ should not buy that islands. This issue pop up as the communist wishes. The communist will keep strong on this. If a war is needed, they will, otherwise they will collapse. Believe me!!!!!!

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@sealife.... nobody like communists and their principles. We junt communists hiding in mountains in our country. What can you do to destroy communism in China? This is another sotry...hehehehe

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“It is understood that the flight by Chinese military planes in airspace related to the East China Sea is routine”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular briefing.

How about WEST Japan Sea?

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