China rejects accusations in Japan defense report


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Quit giving either side a pulpit to preach and maybe the two will learn to talk with each other.

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A ministry statement issued late Tuesday Japan’s annual defense report was “full of lousy clichés

Japanese rebuttal: YOU'RE a lousy cliche.

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accusing Japan of seeking to deceive the international community and sow discord between China and its neighbors.

They may have a point, this once.

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Sorry China but Japan's views coincides with those of the United States, Australia, India and every country in the world that you haven't bought out. It's no surprise that China has issued a rebuttal to Japan's Defense White Paper, they've done the some to every other country that speaks honestly about China.

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Civilized countries beg to differ. It looks like someone is trying to learn how to wage a public relations battle... um, it's not working.

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No, no, it's NOT us, you're IMAGINING it, now, can you please move those Coast Guard Ships you have stationed off the coast of our man made islands, so we can off load the next shipment of SAM missles...thanks.

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Japan really needs to stop enabling China by pulling out and investing elsewhere

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All the People of Japan are in a radioactively contaminated area and yet the ICC Ignores this. But the ICC cries for the Corporation called the Government of Japan when they demand something.

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sf2kAug. 04, 2016 - 01:23AM JST Japan really needs to stop enabling China by pulling out and investing elsewhere

They already are. Japan had enough of the Chinese mob riot scene a few years ago and leads the world in pulling out of China and reinvesting in Southeast Asian nations. Won't be too many more KFC, McDonalds and iphones smashed before the United States wakes up. China is the only country where the government freely mixes trade and economics with geopolitics. Since it does so on a government level naturally the people simply follow suit.

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The B1-Bs being stationed in Guam are an awesome and welcome sight. Beautiful.

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The China Sea is called that for a reason. China has enough empty cities to house every man, woman and child from Japan and they should offer this to the People of Japan. The Government of Japan takes itself and its people too much for granted.

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Not that I agree with Japan's recent changes, but what China's doing most Chinese don't really care or know. This is a Chinese Communist Party show. Their military is NOT there to support the nation, but rather the party. There lies my main concern. It seems it's the party that's digging up old nationalistic feelings. The average Joe / Jane really doesn't care. Id hate to see a war in SEAsia. The winner(s?) would be unbearable.

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Two kids in the backseat on a long drive, pre-portable game era, get along better! Just get the leaders together and duke it out, steel cage match. Settle this once and for all.

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I think this is Japan’s war to win. Stop hiding behind the US Navy’s skirt. Do your own shellacking. Your navy is powerful. Your military forces are already much larger than Britain’s and your knowledge of warcraft is far superior to the PRC’s.

Build yourself up even more so that you yourself can practice Offshore Control and strangle the PRC. The PLA air force and PLA navy are no match for Japanese military might. Yes, keep the war from touching the mainland of China, but sink their navy and down their air force.

After that, it’s all over. We all know that China is unable to feed itself. Stop the food ships from coming in, and China will fold within 90 days. Stop the fuel ships from coming in, and China will fold within 90 days. Offshore Control is your ace in the hole.

You don’t need the US to protect you. You can easily defeat China by strangling it economically. Just remember to flood the internet with freedom marches for the Tibetan, the Uighurs and the Mongolians. The Han Chinese will be enwrapped…and fold.

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The posts are hitting bottom now. Japan has no desire to "strangle" anybody they just want to be left alone. Much as most of Asia wants to be left alone, But the big bully doesn't seem to appreciate that.

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“full of malice toward the Chinese military and deception to the international community,

Wow Wu, seems to me the only ones who are being deceived are the Chinese people with you at the top.

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