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China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan


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Good, and I hope China will object and stop this reckless act.

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Good, and I hope China will object and stop this reckless act.

Why don't China suspend own home nuclear power plants from discharging used water into sea nearby? Or just hold the water in tanks just like Fukushima has done. Terrible hypocrite

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Great, now we get to see the Fukushima mess used for political gain by a tyrannical dictatorship. That’s definitely gunna help.

If China and South Korea were serious and wanted to get on board a regional effort to HELP solve the problem together with Japan that would be great. But..... watch it become a finger pointing screaming mess that makes the problem worse. Yay politics.

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Well said Ricky!

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China should look towards its own coastal waters which are now "dead" zones before pronouncing judgement on Japan less the mass trash that lands on Japan shores each day. China is in no position to give advice or look down on any country.

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noriahojanen: please post references. I wasn't able to find anything since 2005 related to Chinese nuclear power coolant water. Have the Chinese done something since then?

Of course, Chinese factories are known for dumping contaminated water into rivers which eventually flow into the ocean, but those aren't nuclear contaminates that I can see. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-pollution-oceans/chinas-ocean-waste-surges-27-in-2018-ministry-idUSKBN1X80FL But in the last few years Chinese govt has been going after water polluters. They are trying.

People here know that I don't generally say nice things about Chinese Govt, but when it comes to pollution, they seem to be trying, hard.

China has plenty of nuclear reactors, some of the newest AP1000 types too. Whether their scientists are allowed to speak freely on the true science related to Fukushima will always be a question. The Chinese govt isn't exactly known for letting citizens voice their own opinions, but the scientists will certainly have the necessary knowledge level.

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This is the pot calling the kettle black. China is just doing this to spite Japan. Both China & Korea discharge rad waste water. China doing so largely unchecked.

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Not too surprising that the C.C.P.'s own Hua Liu assumed his new job at the IAEA as their Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation a mere two months ago, on 20 February 2021.

His IAEA bio tells us that Dr. Liu is an engineer and scientist with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of nuclear science and radiation protection, having previously served as China's Vice Minister of Ecology and Environment from 2018 to 2021, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection from 2016 to 2018, and Administrator of the National Nuclear Safety Administration in China's from 2016 – 2021.

He seems to have received his undergrad at the National University for Defence Technology (formerly the People's Liberation Army National University of Defense Science and Technology).

Anybody have a picture of him in uniform with the boards of the Second Artillery Corps?

Good luck in the working group.

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We should allow them about the same access as they gave the World during the Corona Virus Investigation.

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The world's biggest polluter all of a sudden has a say? LOL.

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Is this a joke? China has been releasing highly radioactive nuclear waste into the ocean for years. The IAEA should also set up a working group to monitor China and South Korea’s nuclear waste dumping.

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I guess Chinese asked IAEA to be invited. Now they will be grilling a little Trithium character hoping for some favors regarding Senkaku or so...

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Now IAEA appears to show serious concern about the disposal of the radioactive wastewater.

Indeed, get China's assistance as it possesses advanced nuclear reactor knowledge as well as experience.

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venzeToday  11:55 am JST

Now IAEA appears to show serious concern about the disposal of the radioactive wastewater.

Indeed, get China's assistance as it possesses advanced nuclear reactor knowledge as well as experience.

Yeah, right. China can't even make a t-shirt that doesn't fall apart after one washing.

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I thought we were trying to solve the problem, not add to it.....

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Chinese CCP garbage!

-Take a look at Nuclear reactors located in China. Water contaminated much worse is being released in large numbers.

-Water from Fukushima will be the most inspected Water on Earth! IAEA, USA, China, the Korea, EU, WHO, their mother, grandparents, great grandparents, they will all inspect this water being released! ! Fukushima water will be the most inspected, analyze water on Planet Earth!

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Actually, it might be a positive thing to include observers from surrounding countries, as a shining example for the future. By the same token, Japan will be held transparent about the refiltering and dilution as she has pledged, to make sure things are as safe as the IAEA has already stated.

And with 50 nuclear reactors under construction, China will be wanting to learn how to avoid similar accidents, and how to clean up in the wake of a nuclear accident because there will inevitably be more in the future.

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more of the 'theatre of the absurd'.... makes me think it's all in order to distract we commoners from other things....  but nah, couldn't be, surely.....

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Yes! The IAEA should discussing the matter with China, South Korea about Japan's reckless actions! Should inviting Russia as well, she is also a Pacific country!

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Don’t forget the evil empire also stated that Japan needs to be more “transparent” about this matter. Counterpoint, they also don’t want Japan to scrutinize all things China-related covid-19 anymore.

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China, SK and NK, Hawaii and...GREENPEACE

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@Zeram1 They also don’t want Japan to scrutinize all things China-related covid-19

What does the panedemics has to do with China? And how relevant with the pouring radiation water to the Pacific Ocean?

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The comments are full of claims about Chinese reactors releasing contaminated water, but not a single reference?

As I posted above, I looked (googled) and couldn't find any sources for any radiation releases since 2005. Please. Post. References for the claims made.

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Some information here, theFu.


Nothing since 2002, but they are building 50 new reactors, and the tritiated waters will all run down to the sea presumably. (?)

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